Eurovision 2014

If you’d wondered where our Turkish friends had gone, worry not

Tatarstan Map-flag


Turkey has not been in the Eurovision Song Contest since 2012.  We miss them and their ethnic sounds that added a “je ne sais quoi” to the Eurovision family.  Instead, they set up their own contest for members (and guests) of the Turkic-speaking world.  Not just sovereign nations, but a few sub-national entities too.

Azerbaijan won the inaugural contest, held last December in Eskişehir, in Turkey.  but like some other contests, the hosts the following year are already pre-determined.  Hence it being in Kazan this year.  Where is Kazan?  It’s in Tatarstan, a constituent republic of the Russian Federation.  You might know it as home of the football club Rubin Kazan.

The semi-final has taken place, to whittle the 25 entrants down to the final 12 that will fight it out on Friday.  They represented 16 nations, seven regions of Russia, and one regions each from Moldova and Ukraine.  The Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus pulled out at a late stage.  Here are the participants:

01      Kazakhstan                             Zhanar Dugalova                                         “Izin korem”

02       Germany                                Fahrettin Güneş                                           “Sevdiğim”

03       Turkmenistan                         Züleyha Kakayeva                                      “Shikga-Shikga bilerzik”

04       Georgia                                   Ayla Shiriyeva & Aysel Mammadova         “Tenhayam”

05       Uzbekistan                              Aziza Nizamova                                          “Dunyo bolsin omon”

06       Albania                                    Xhoi Bejko                                                   “Hava ve Ates”

07       Gagauzia                                Maria Topal                                                 “Aaladim”

08       Ukraine                                   Natali Deniz                                                 “Sän benim”

09       Iran                                         Barısh Grubu                                               “Heydar baba”

10       Kabardino-Balkaria & Karachay-Cherkessia                                                            Eldar Zhanikaev         “Barama”

11       Tatarstan                                Aydar Suleymanov                                     “Atlar Çaba”

12       Moscow                                  Kazan World                                                “Sine ketem”

13       Kyrgyzstan                             Non-Stop                                                     “Seze bil”

14       Yakutia                                   Vladlena Ivanova Sakhaya                         “Kyn”

15       Turkey                                    Funda Kılıç                                                   “Hoppa”

16       Bosnia and Herzegovina        Mensur Salkić                                             “Susuyorum”

17       Bashkortostan                        Zaman                                                         “Kubair”

18       Bulgaria                                  İsmail Matev                                                “Yollara, tashlara”

19       Iraq                                         Ahmed Duzlu                                               “Chal Kalbimi”

20       Crimea                                    Darina Siniçkina                                          “Gider isen”

21       Azerbaijan                               Elvin Ordubadli                                            “Divlerin Yalqizliği”

22       Romania                                 Cengiz Erhan & Gafar Alev                        Genclik basa bir gelir

23       Macedonia                              Kaan Mazhar                                               “Yolumu Bulurum”

24       Khakassia                               Sayana Saburova                                       “Alzhaas”

25       Tuva                                       Ayas Kuular                                                                 Subedei

The scoring was slightly different to the system we know and love.  Each country sent one juror to Kazan, and each juror gave each song a score between 1 and 10.  So the maximum score for each song is 240. There is no televote.  But whilst these scores were collated, we were treated to a song ‘Aniadim’ by none other than Eldar Qasimov.  You might remember him as a former winner of the Eurovision Song Contest.  He was also the Azerbaijani judge.  Busy chap.

After he’d performed, we saw the songs with the scores each juror had given them.  From this, it was easy to work out the top 12.  The final scores were:

Tatarstan – 223

Turkey – 199

Kazakhstan – 198

Bashkortostan – 193

Kyrgyzstan – 190

Moscow – 190

Macedonia – 181

Crimea – 178

Iran – 178

Uzbekistan – 172

Bosnia & Herzegovina – 171

Turkmenistan – 169

Bulgaria – 168

Yakutia – 168

Azerbaijan – 166

Gaugazia – 162

Romania – 158

Iraq – 155

Albania – 154

Tuva – 151

Germany – 149

Kabardino-Balkaria & Karachay-Cherkessia – 148

Khakassia – 148

Ukraine – 148

Georgia – 141

A very unfortunate result for Bulgaria and Yakutia I think.

The final takes place on Friday 21 November at 1700 CET.  Webcasts are available.

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