Eurovision 2014

Ireland : 2 Selection Panels will shortlist the Irish Eurovision 2015 entries

RTE - Eurovision 2015. Photo : RTE

RTE – Eurovision 2015. Photo : RTE

Ireland will have 2 selection panels that will shortlist the close to 400 songs that have been received by RTÉ (Irish National Broadcaster) for their Eurovision 2015 selection process.

The initial 300-400 songs that RTÉ received will first of all be shortlisted to 40-50 songs by one panel. Then a second panel will reduce these songs to a final 5 entries who will contest the Irish National Selection.

As for where that Final will take place is yet to be determined. You can listen to the full interview with Michael Kealy on Today FM – scroll up to 32 minutes.

Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Today FM

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  1. you know what would have been a good idea. is if RTe had decided 2 different panels of people choose a selection of say 20 songs each from the whole bunch ..and where they have agreed ..they would be certainties for the final and rest the deciding panel could put forward

  2. Out of 400 songs, they’re only going to pick 5 for the final?…and he doesn’t know if it’s going to be a stand alone final or the late late show!! I thought Nicky Byrne was going to present it. This does not sound very promising at all.

  3. Aw. I was hoping there’d be at least eight songs, like in the Eurosong finals of old. Ah well, let’s hope they’re five great ones!

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