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Iceland : RÚV remove the gender quota from their Eurovision 2015 selection – Are they right?

Iceland's gender quota for songwriters removed for Eurovision 2015 selection. Photo : YouTube

Iceland’s gender quota for songwriters removed for Eurovision 2015 selection. Photo : YouTube

Iceland (like Sweden) had introduced a gender quota of male and female songwriter equality in their Eurovision national selection for 2015. The new rule came under scrutiny from Icelandic 2008 representative Friðrik Ómar and others.

It has now been announced that they rule of where 50% of shortlisted songs selected for the live shows had to be women, is to be dropped by the RÚV (Icelandic National Broadcaster). It would seem that would have been the end of the subject? It appears not!

Greta Salóme (Icelandic Eurovision 2012) has taken to social media where she talks of the “real degrading to women” aspect of the Icelandic music industry. Saying on Facebook

“I’ve been monitoring the debate on gender quotas in Contest last few days, especially after the heading”degrading to women music ”  became prevalent in this context. I can well see how this rule, which has actually been allowed to depart, may at first appear to give women some kind of advantage and at the same time giving the impression that they need such a rule to bring their laws to make.”

She continues to talk the hard facts of the gender inequality in Iceland saying

“According to a recent study, conducted from University slide over 90% of all applets fees to music than men under 10% of women to music. These figures reflect útvarpsspilun, television spectacles etc.. According to the same study, the gender distribution factor management in radio following: Channel 2 had 11 women in part made ​​the 33 men , the wave had two women in the factor model but 17 men , X-flat, with two womenin a role model but 17 men and 957 with two women than 11 men . The statistics speak for themselves and is only expressed dedication to support and no head.”

So with the removal of the gender quota from the Icelandic Eurovision 2015 selection seems to have sparked a debate in the country about their local music industry. How will this impact the Icelandic national selection and the public’s voting patterns in their Eurovision selection?

Do you think there should be a gender equality quota amongst songwriters at Eurovision selections?

Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

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