Eurovision 2014

Turkey – Eurovision’s Kenan Doğulu is ‘Living It Up’ LARGE

Kenan Doğulu. Photo : forumhatti

Kenan Doğulu. Photo : forumhatti

Turkey – Kenan Doğulu was out favourite act at Eurovision 2007 when he romped to 4th place in the contest with his catchy ‘Shake It Up Şekerim’ – oh how we miss Turkey at Eurovision.

Well we missed his recent song ‘Living it up’ which came out during the Summer. Better late than never but here is his most recent song where he provides the vocals on the track with rapper Kaan and Radio Killer.

With a big video – that is introduced as ‘A Film By’ you know that this is going to be blinged out with scantily clad women. If you like dance and club tracks from the likes of Jason Derulo and Pitbull then you will enjoy this.


Kenan Doğulu gets married. Photo : Facebook

Kenan Doğulu gets married. Photo : Facebook

Kenan is almost unrecognisable in the video as he is now sporting a beard and is all grown up. All grown up to the point that he got married in July in Malibu – congratulations Sir.

‘Living it up’ is living it large and if dance music is your thing then you will like this song. We just wish that there was more singing from Kenan on the track.

Marks out of 12 – ‘Living it up’ scores a 7 points.


Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : Eurovision Ireland


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