Norway’s Eurovision 2015 Entries up by 30% on 2014

Norway - Melodi Grand Prix Song Selection For Eurovision 2015. Photo : NRK

Norway – Melodi Grand Prix Song Selection For Eurovision 2015. Photo : NRK

Norway seem to be having the last laugh over their Swedish competitive neighbours when it comes to Eurovision 2015. Where SVT (Swedish National Broadcaster) has seen their fewest entries for Eurovision since 2002, NRK (Norwegian National Broadcaster) are on the ascendance!

Last year saw a revised Melodi Grand Prix National Selection with a festival taking place as opposed to touring the country for weekly heats. The viewing figures for the Grand Final may have been down on the previous years but that looks to be changing.

Vivi Stenberg (Musical Director on Melodi Grand Prix) has revealed that there has been an increase of 30% of submissions for Norway’s Eurovision 2015 selection with 800 songs received. This is returning towards the numbers following Alexander Rybak’s 2009 Eurovision win.

Also worth noting is the higher number of songs that have been submitted in Norwegian. Songwriters from Norway to Sweden, the UK, Australia and America have entered songs.

As for the format of Melodi Grand Prix 2015? The decision has not yet been taken by Stan Malme (Project Manager at NRK). He says that the broadcaster is looking at the feedback and lessons learned from the staging of the 2014 selection.

Carl Espen won Melodi grand Prix with the song ‘Silent Strom’ and placed 8th in the Grand Final. The Norwegians want the contest back!


Author/Editor in Cheif Garrett Mulhall

Source : NRK

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  1. Why should Norway have a laugh about that? The reason for the lower amount of entries to next years Melodifestivalen is because the executive producer of the show, Christer Bjorkman asked the songwriters not to submit so many songs… its a request from SVT… the amount of submitted entries doesnt reflect the interest in the show… what a strange newsflash!


      • its not a point of view… its factual… I am sure you can find some facts about that in english if the language barrier is the problem. What is a point of view is your original newsflash, and that has nothing to do with the amount of viewers of MF. You report on the amount of submitted songs…

        • The point is very clear Magnus is that the volume of songs received by NRK is a 30% increase on the year while in Sweden it has declined. There is always a healthy rivalry between Sweden and Norway like many countries around Europe and the World – Like Ireland and the UK. We love both MF and MGP and attend them every year. I think you may have missed our Irish humour. However it would be interesting to know if you think the changes announced by SVT will increase the number of viewers to MF in 2015? Cheers

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