Eurovision 2014

The Netherlands : Alain Clark says he is interested in Eurovision 2015

Alain Clark for Eurovision 2015? Photo : vidtrigger

Alain Clark for Eurovision 2015? Photo : vidtrigger

Some weeks back we brought you the news that the Dutch media had speculated if Alain Clark could be the man to represent The Netherlands at Eurovision 2015.

In a video interview published today the singer addresses the rumours of his participation in the contest next year. He says that he was “unofficially asked” of his interest in Eurovision but AvroTros have not officially contacted him yet.

Clark says that he would be interested in participating at Eurovision and went as far as saying that he would

“like the song to have an emotional layer” to it either in being “happy or very dramatic”.

We know that Dutch Broadcaster AvroTros are interested in speaking to several artists as they told us here at Eurovision Ireland.

Alain Clark is a singer-songwriter from The Netherlands but who has spent over 3 years in the USA for his craft. He has released 5 studio albums and 3 have been certified Gold in The Netherlands and has released some 19 singles to huge chart and critical success.

Would you like to see Alain Clark at Eurovision 2015?


Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : VIPS TV

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