Eurovision 2014

Slovenia confirm they are to make their Junior Eurovision Contest Debut

Slovenia at Junior Eurovision 2014. Photograph

Slovenia at Junior Eurovision 2014. Photograph

Eurovision fever is happening all the time, during all the year. So, today, Junior Eurovision Supervisor, Mr. Vladislav Yakovlev, just announced on twitter, that Slovenia will debut on this year’s Junior Eurovision Song Contest, which takes place in Malta’s Marsa Shipyard on 15th November 2014.

RTVSLO actually didn’t mention yet, how the choice for their representative for Malta will be made, but after 11 years in the making, we are all glad, that we can welcome Slovenia into another Eurovision Family.

This year Slovenia has passed into the Grand Final of Eurovision Song Contest with Tinkara Kovač and also, 2nd place went to Urban Stanič, Slovenian representative at Eurovision Young Musicians. So, we can easily conclude, that 2014 is so far the most succesful year for Slovenia. What will happen at Junior Eurovision? Follow up with the updates on the Eurovision Ireland for more news from Slovenia!

RTVSLO (Slovenian National Broadcaster) will choose their performer towards the end of September.

Welcome to the party Slovenia.


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