Eurovision 2014

SLOVENIA : No more ‘Round and Round’ for Nika Zorjan

Nika Zorjan. Photo :

Nika Zorjan. Photo :

SLOVENIA – No more going ‘Round and Round’ for Nika Zorjan. She was one of the backing vocalists for this year’s Slovenian  Eurovision entry, performed by Tinkara Kovač. Eurovision 2014 wasn’t really her first Eurovision experience, in 2012 she came 3rd in the TV Show Misija Evrovizija. The winner represented Slovenia at the Eurovision Song Contest in Baku, but sadly, Eva Boto and her ballad ‘Verjamem’ were highly underrated and failed to qualify for the Grand Final.

Between Misija Evrovizija and Eurovision 2014, Nika Zorjan has released three very successful radio hits ‘Čas za nas’, ‘Problemom sredinc’ and ‘Nasmeh Življenja’, and now, three months after Eurovision, Nika has just sent her new song to Slovenian radio stations. So, this time Nika presents us a slightly different picture of her, with a catchy melody and modern rhythms, which we can definitely call a summer hit. The composers of the song ‘Po dežju’ are Raay, (the composer of this year’s Slovenian Eurovision entry ‘Round and Round’ together with Tina Piš (a Slovenian songwriter, who is responsible for  Slovenian version of  ‘Round and Round’). You can listen to on Nika’s song ‘Po dežju’ on her Official Website HERE

Eurovision 2015?
It’s not  yet officially confirmed, that Slovenia will actually participate in Vienna, but there are 90% of (Slovenian) Eurovision fans who would love to see Nika Zorjan representing Slovenia in Austria next year, with her youth energy and her typical voice and interpretation.

Would Nika be a good choice for Slovenia at Eurovision 2015?


Guest Author : Jan Vehar

Source : Nika Zorjan Official Website


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