Eurovision 2015 Host City Decision Creates Political Divide in Austria

ORF - Eurovision Host City Decision. Photo : ORF

ORF – Eurovision Host City Decision. Photo : ORF

The decision as to where to host the Eurovision Song Contest 2015 is not an easy one. It certainly is made more complex when the country’s political parties have strong opinions on the venue and even more so when they disagree.

This appears to be the case as it is reported in Austrian media agency OE24 – see article HERE. According to the article the Green Party, SPO (Socialist Democratic Party) and the OVP (Austrian People’s Party) disagree on where ORF should stage the contest in 2015.

It is alleged in the article that The Green Party and SPO want to see the Eurovision Song Contest hosted in the country’s capital city Vienna. However on the other side of the political divide OVP want to see the contest awarded to either Graz or Innsbruck.

OE24 claim that the contest “could” cost ORF 25 million euro, so the decision where to host the contest is crucial. The article claims that the Green Party and Mayor of Vienna Michael Häupl could offer the Wiener Stadthalle free of charge which would be an attractive offer – but remember where would they house the pre-scheduled events already planned for the venue next year?

The article continues to say that “Graz is the outsider” in the race to host the contest in 2015. However the ultra modern city has a lot to offer and Mayor Siegfried Nagl VP has gone on to say that they have the resources – “money does not matter”.

What of Innsbruck? Well OE24 say that Mayor Christine Oppitz-Plörer sent ORF Director General Alexander Wrabetz last Wednesday a 50 pages long “care package” saying that “After all, we have the experience of being an Olympic city.” The news report claims that the Innsbruck bid has offered to take the expenses of hosting the contest other than the direct cost of the shows production.

So what decision is ORF to take as it could cause local political angst?

In our poll you say overwhelmingly that you want to go to Vienna. Will ORF agree? Can the political parties agree to disagree?

We will know shortly.


Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : OE24



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