Eurovision 2014

FINLAND : ‘Softengine’ Get Released In America Today

Softengine 'Yellow House'. Photo : Softengine Facebook

Softengine ‘Yellow House’. Photo : Softengine Facebook

Finland’s 2014 Eurovision representatives ‘Softengine’ have today been given an official release in America. You know that we here are Eurovision Ireland have a “Soft Spot” for ‘Softengine’ so this is exciting news.

The band brought Finland to 11th place at Eurovision this year with their song ‘Something Better’ – that charted in many territories across Europe. However it is their follow-up single that their record company Sony Music have decided to launch the band stateside.




‘Yellow House’ is officially released today in America. Their lyric video for the song has already 100 thousand hits on YouTube. Can they crack the American market? Well we always thought that they had that American college sound to them.

Stay tuned over the coming months to see how the guys get on with their new recordings and touring.

‘Yellow House’ might be the “Golden Ticket” for the band.


Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : Eurovision Ireland

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