Eurovision Winner’s Follow Up Single

Eldar - 'Onu Sən De'. Photo : YouTube

Eldar – ‘Onu Sən De’. Photo : YouTube

Winning the Eurovision Song contest sets expectations on the artist and the their team to replicate that success and in some cases people cannot understand why it is not as instant as all those 12 points that came in on the night of the Eurovision Final.

So we now have the new single for the Eurovision winner Eldar who was half of the duo that won Eurovision in 2011 for Azerbaijan. Eldar has released some songs to date – one with his fellow Eurovision singer Nikki – and several on his own.

I always thought that Eldar had the more memorable voice of the two singers but he struggled to find his own sound of music following Eurovision. Nikki on the other hand had some powerful songs that played to her strengths and included a big Russian hit with Eurovision Winner Dima Bilan.

However Eldar seems to have found his voice with his new song ‘Onu Sən De’ that he co-wrote with Sərxan “M-Zari” Muradov and Orxan Bağırov. If you were in Copenhagen this year then you would have seen Eldar with the Azeri delegation and when not providing support to the team, he filmed the video to his new song ‘Onu Sən De/You Say It’ the city of Copenhagen. From Nyhavn to Tivoli you can spot the locations.

As for the song – it is mid tempo electro pop with some subtle dub step vibes. The chorus is filled with a simple yet effective hook that even being sung in Azerbaijani is still highly infectious. Eldar’s vocals are as always on point and he has that quality of being approachable and the guy next door – he has been like that every time we have met him since 2011.

I liked this on first listen and destined to be on repeat on my iPod! Well worth taking a closer listen to this song.


Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : Eurovision Ireland


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