Eurovision 2014

SWEDEN – Sanna Neilsen Releases New Album ‘7’

Sanna Nielsen's New Album '7'. Photo : Sanna Nielsen Website

Sanna Nielsen’s New Album ‘7’. Photo : Sanna Nielsen Website

SWEDEN – Sanna Nielsen is celebrating that she made it to Eurovision this year with the release of her new album. You will all know by now that Nielsen tried 7 times to make it to Eurovision. Well her new album is called simply ‘7’ in honour of that achievement.

The album is released on June 30th and you can pre-order a signed copy of the album now from HERE. In case you need a recap of Sanna’s journey to Eurovision then here is a reminder.


Year Song Place
2001 I går, i dag 3rd
2003 Hela världen för mig 5th
2005 Du och jag mot världen 8th
2007 Vågar du, vågar jag 7th
2008 Empty Room 2nd
2011 I’m in Love 4th
2014 Undo 1st


Sanna has been given the honor of summer talk radio station P1 and her show will be broadcast on June 22nd. She will also be performing in ‘Sing-along’ at Skansen July 1 and Victoria Day on July 14. Both programs broadcast by SVT and you can see them on the SVT Official Website

Can Sanna score another hit across Europe like she did with ‘Undo’?


Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : Eurovision Ireland





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