Eurovision 2014

POLAND : Donatan & Cleo are the Act that still “Bares All” with New Song

Donatan and Cleo - Slavica. Photo : Donatan Facebook

Donatan and Cleo – Slavica. Photo : Donatan Facebook

Poland returned to Eurovision following a hiatus since 2011. They returned in style with the hugely popular duo of Donatan and Cleo. “We are Slavic” was one of the main attractions at the contest for being modern, contemporary and let’s face it – for the beauty of the female form.

The public loved the song and had it in the Top 10 in the tele-vote but the Jury vote across Europe illustrated just how out of touch they are with modern music and had the Bouncing Duo way down their rankings. However that is not stopping Donatan and Cleo “Shaking What Their Mamma Gave Them” as they release their new song “Slavica” that samples “We Are Slavic/Slavic Girls”. It is the song that just keeps giving!

A lot heavier on the bass notes, this Hip-Hop song has summer anthem written all over it. Lucky that I will be going to Poland this Summer to see the Step Family, so I better be able to nail the dance moves. “I’m Shaking Mamma, I’m Shaking”

As for the video – well they play to their assets once again. Every heterosexual man yells in excitement. It’s Lara Croft meets Sir Mix A Lot’s “Baby Got Back”. Hey for me this is another winner. Douze Points!


Does this get you bouncing like their Eurovision stomper?


Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : Eurovision Ireland

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