Eurovision 2014

Semi Final 2 Poll Update – Ireland Leads The Way

Can-Linn Featuring Kasey Smith - "Heartbeat". Photo : RTE

Can-Linn Featuring Kasey Smith – “Heartbeat”. Photo : RTE

Our Big Eurovision Poll still has you voting in your thousands from all four corners of the globe! Semi Final 2 has been the one with the most movement. Last week it was an all female top 3 but the girls want to play with the Greek “Freaky Fortune” Men – Good choice Ladies!

But who is leading the poll? Well it is the song that has hearts beating twice as fast as normal – especially with our readers in Eastern Europe. They all want to spend some time with Kasey and Can-Linn from Ireland. It seems that Teo’s admission to loving “Heartbeat” has struck a chord with Cheesecake eating followers

Results As Of April 24th


Ireland 31% 

Poland 20% 

Greece 16% 

FYR Macedonia 9% 

Lithuania 5% 

Slovenia 4% 

Romania 4% 

Israel 3% 

Austria 2% 

Norway 2% 

Georgia 2% 

Belarus 2% 

Switzerland 2% 

Malta 1% 

Finland 1% 


If this were the results at Eurovision then the 10 songs to qualify would be Ireland, Poland, Greece, FYR Macedonia, Lithuania, Slovenia, Romania, Israel, Austria and Norway.


Remember that our poll remains open until the day of semi final 2 which is Thursday May 8th. So #JoinUs for some fun and share the love and the poll with your friends. Let’s see if you can predict the 10 qualifying song!

Is your favourite song in the Top 10?


Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : Eurovision Ireland

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  1. I don’t think Ireland will qualify. The song is a car crash in live version. She is terribly out of tune!

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