Eurovision 2014

OGAE Rest Of The World Award Their Eurovision 2014 Points

Valentina Monetta - "Maybe". Photo : YouTube

Valentina Monetta – “Maybe”. Photo : YouTube

OGAE Rest Of The World (Official Eurovision Fan Network) have awarded their Eurovision 2014 Points. This OGAE Branch are made up of fans from around the world who are not from a Eurovision competing country. So who does the Rest Of The World believe will win Eurovision 2014?


OGAE REST OF THE WORLD Eurovision 2014 Points


1 point – Ireland

2 points – Romania

points – Austria

points – San Marino

5 points – Israel

6 points – Spain

7 points – Montenegro

8 points – United Kingdom

10 points – Hungary

12 points – Sweden

So Sweden score another maximum 12 points. However we want to celebrate San Marino’s first points of Eurovision 2014. Congratulations to Valentina Monetta with her song “Maybe”.

Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : OGAE

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