Eurovision 2014

MOLDOVA : Live Rolling Blog Of Semi Final 2 at 19:00 (CET) Tonight #JoinUs

Moldova Eurovision Selection 2014

Moldova Eurovision Selection 2014. Photo : TRM

Moldova – Tonight is the Second semi final of “O Melodie Pentru Europa” (#OMPE) or the Moldovan National Selection for Eurovision 2014.

The show and our LIVE Blog begins at 19:00 (CET) and you can watch the show live HERE.

John Stanton will be guiding you through tonight to give you a run down of the 12 songs competing for a place in net weeks Final. EIGHT acts will qualify for the Grand Final – 7 from a combination of Jury and Televotes and then the highest Televote from the remaining 5 songs

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Semi Finalists

  • Cristina Scarlat – “Wild Soul”
  • Anna Gulko – “Happy Tomorrow”
  • Curly – “Your Recovery”
  • Diana Staver – “One And All”
  • Dana Markitan – “Queen of the Dancefloor”
  • Aurel Chirtoacă – “Urme de iubiri”
  • Edict – “Forever”
  • Margarita Ciorici & Metafora – “Vis”
  • Lucia S. – “Frozen”
  • Mikaella – “Follow Your Dreams”
  • Glam Girls – “You Believed In Me”
  • Lana Lights – “Solar Wind”


Moldova Semi Final 2 - 2014. Photo : TRM

Moldova Semi Final 2 – 2014. Photo : TRM

So welcome to Moldova. A country of 3.5 million that are celebrating 10 years in Europe’s favourite TV show. Eight lucky acts will survive tonight’s gladiatorial contest to have a crack at a trip to Denmark in Saturday’s final.

The show opens quickly, with a monochrome troupe of swaying dancers erm, dancing to some popular upbeat tunes of the day. I recognised ‘Thriller’, ‘Smack my bitch up’ and something by 5ive. I can’t be as down with the kids as I thought I was.

What’s this? Flames? clapping? It must be Queen’s ‘We will rock you’. Then into something techno techno techno techno. I hope we’re all awake.

And now we get our presenters. He’s in a suit and dicky bow. She’s in a long flowery and peach dress. All very suave.

We’re being reminded of how we can vote tonight. Landlines to ‘0900’ numbers and the good old text/SMS if people prefer.

Next (and we’re 17 minutes in) we get introduced to the expert jury. One of them speaks many languages, one of them is Nelly Ciobanu.

  • Cristina Scarlat – “Wild Soul”
  • And onto song 1. Cristina looks composed in her half and half dress. And four dancers carrying round a large sheet of reflective metal. Her dress is half peach (must be tonight’s colour) and half metallic, sort of cyborg ballroom. She puts her all into this but stays stock still in tribute possibly to Aliona Moon. Her dancers look a little Hunlike.

    MD 01

  • Anna Gulko – “Happy Tomorrow”
  • Anna prefers to be sat at a small piano. She’s got a little figurine of two dancers on it – very nice. She has two guitarists and a drummer helping this song bimble along nicely. ‘Nice’ is the word that sums this song up. This sounds like it’ll get through to Saturday, but with only four songs falling away tonight she has very good odds.

    MD 02

  • Curly – “Your Recovery”
  • Our little postcard shows Curly with blue sequins on her lips. Or maybe it’s a new type of lipsalve. She’s striking to say the least. Her stage show has ditched the sequins and she has a lace mask over her eyes. And a massive afro. And teo dancers also in massive afros. The song is very dark and moody – my sort of thing – but maybe the striking outfits take your attention away from it. And her backdrop seems to have borrowed elements from the Minipops range of images.

    MD 03A

  • Diana Staver – “One And All”
  • Diana looks a game old girl and reminds me a little of a young Agnetha Fältskog. She’s going for the disco-ey Euphoria-loving crowd. And we have a dancer on stilts teasing a guy who’s obviously the object of her affections. Her guy shakes off the stiltwalker and she gets him in the end.

    MD 03

    Four songs down, and we get our first ad break. They like their indigestion remedies, mobile phones and farming here.

    Back from the break, we speak to the trendy reporter in the Green Room. He shows us his tablet with the SMS/text number on, and talks to Cristina Scarlet, Anne Gulko, Curly and Diana Staver. They all tell us to vote for their songs.

  • Dana Markitan – “Queen of the Dancefloor”
  • Dana may think that her first name could see her on the road to riches. She has an outfit Dana Internation would be proud of, showing lots of thigh. She gets a glitterball too, which would placate any Alcazar fans in the crowd. And she’s got a rapper! This has everything! Joking aside, it’s got a simple hook that we’ve heard many times before. Sadly it’s just too upbeat for the stream to cope with, so she’s gone very pixellated on me. It could qualify.

  • Aurel Chirtoacă – “Urme de iubiri”
  • Our first bloke, and our first non-English song. Aurel looks a little nervous. The funky T-Shirt under the blue suit might not be a goo idea. He’s trying hard though. As the song moves along, he seems to relax a little. Has does have backing singer help, but he was pretty much on his own there.

    MD 06

  • Edict – “Forever”
  • Back to English from a five-piece band. One of them fancies himself as Brian May. The lead singer wants to be a rock chick and has an unusual voice. It sort of suits the song, but not completely.

    MD 07

  • Margarita Ciorici & Metafora – “Vis”
  • No Moldovan contest would be complete without something folksy. And here we have Margarita and her backing band going moody on us with her very deep voice. It has a violin, double-bassy type thing and guitar. She’s very emotional, but I can’t help but imagine this song running behind a travelogue of Moldovan views. That might just be enough.

    MD 08

    More adverts (you know the score by now), then back to the Green Room with our very excitable co-host. For completeness, here he is with Dana of the pixellated dance routine.

    MD 05

  • Lucia S. – “Frozen”
  • No, this isn’t a cover of a Madonna song (that wouldn’t be allowed, silly). this is slower and has penny whistle overtones. And a troupe of young men with her in white dancing and singing around her. And she has a Carola wind machine for three whole minutes. Maybe that’s why she’s frozen. It’s actually very good, and could win the floor-filler slot tonight. She finishes with fire, so maybe she won’t be frozen after all.

    MD 09

  • Mikaella – “Follow Your Dreams”
  • Mikaella starts with a simple piano and herself in silhouette. Ballad is the name of the game here although her backing dancers seem very energetic for a song like this. She too uses the wind machine. It’s pleasant, but pleasant doesn’t always do well in the cut and thrust of Eurovision songs.

  • Glam Girls – “You Believed In Me”
  • The Glam Girls’ postcard shows them in a gym wearing boxing gloves. Is that a good sign? There’s a guy on stage at a piano who is definitely not a glam girl. The brunette starts this one off and has that almost Corrs-like warble in her voice. her fellow Glam Girl joins her for the second verse. It’s your lighters-in-the-air song but they look a little interested in each other in a tATu sort of way. I’m probably wrong.

    MD 11

  • Lana Lights – “Solar Wind”
  • Finally, we have Lana and some, sadly, very out of tune backing singers. Her gimmick is a man in grey purporting to be a robot. She’s trying the downbeat jazzy sound. it’s OK, but the camera seems to spend a lot of time seeing what our robot is up to. We get a very odd instrumental break of our backers playing the flute and violin. It ends suddenly with the robot offering a flower to the heavans.

    MD 12

    No adverts this time. just straight to the Green Room.

    So I think the ones that won’t qualify tonight are Lana Lights, Edict, Dana Markitan and Aurel Chircoata. Sorry if those are your favourites.

    We get the usual recap of the songs for the lucky televoters out there and then it’s back to the Green Room. Our co-host seems even more excited than normal.

    More adverts now, but our studio hosts tell us televoting has stopped. Or maybe just started. We’ll soon find out after the words from our sponsors.

    Interval act time – I love these. We have an instrumental combo called Millennium. She’s on her violin. He’s on the cymbals. Other she is doing her best Evelyn Glennie impression behind a range of percussion instruments. They then burst into song which is also a bit funky with lots of ‘heys’, ‘waaa-bap-ba-da-baps’.

    After this, Millennium get a bit more melodious on us, with a crowd pleaser that has them jiggling about in the aisles. The whole sound, as well as the lead singer, all has echoes of what Latvian Marie N might entertain a similar crowd with.

    then just as I thought we were getting more Moldovan, we get Millennium singing ‘Venus’. You know, the one released by the likes of Shocking Blue and Bananarama.

    ‘You’re my heart, you’re my soul’ by Modern Talking? Anyone remember that? But with a heavy fiddle accompaniment? Only on shows like this.

    I thought it was over, then we get ‘I will survive’. Any bets on what we get next?

    Yes. It’s ‘I don’t wanna stay’ by the Pussycat Dolls.

    Followed by the Bee Gees classic ‘How deep is your love’. I bet you weren’t expecting that.

    We quickly dipped into something Moldovan before they fooled me by going into ‘Mambo No.5’. It’s getting eclectic now and I’m expecting a cover of a Winny Puhh song next.

    I was wrong. We’ve got a diddly-diddly version of Shakira’s ‘Whenever, wherever’.

    Millennium’s cavalcade of favourites continues now with a song called ‘Mamma Mia’ by some four-piece group from Sweden that were popular in the 1970s.

    We’ve now had our final ad break of the show. And the televotes are as follows:

    MD 15

    These votes get transferred to 12, 10, 8 etc. So Mikaella is in the lead. Aurel Chircoata and Lana Lights are still on zero points.

    Before the jury votes are added in, we see the eight qualifiers from Tuesday’s other semi-final.

    The jury votes then get added in, and here are the combined results:

    MD 18

    The final element of tonight’s show is the draw for the places in the final.

    But from me, good night.

    Author : John Stanton

    Source : Eurovision Ireland

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