Eurovision 2014

PORTUGAL : Live Rolling Blog “Festival da cancao” – 22:15 (CET)

Festival da cancao. Photo : RTP

Festival da cancao. Photo : RTP

Welcome back to Eurovision Dear Portugal. Tonight is the semi final of their “Festival da cancao” celebrating 50 years of competing at Eurovision. You can follow our blog from 22:15 (CET) here. Just refresh the page for your update. 

10 songs compete for 5 places in the final next week. The results will be based on 100% public vote.

  1. Catarina Pereira – Mea culpa
  2. Ivo Lucas – Eu vou
  3. Zana – Nas asas da sorte
  4. Carla Ribeiro – Mais para dar
  5. Ricardo Afonso – Emoção
  6. Rui Andrade – Ao teu encontro
  7. Lara Afonso – O teu segredo
  8. Raquel Guerra – Sonhos roubados
  9. Madalena Trabuco – Coração de filigrana
  10. Suzy – Quero ser tua

You can watch the show on RTP by clicking here.


Welcome to the live rolling blog of the Portuguese Semi Final from Andrew James Main who has hot footed from

Stockholm after reporting on one of the tightest result for some time. Sanna Neilson makes it to Copenhagen in

Sweden but who will join her from Portugal? We have 10 songs in contention tonight which will be narrowed down

to 5 after tonight show for the grand final which will be next Saturday.

We have started the show. I nice introduction by our two hosts.

A bit long winded but we are up and running the voting lines are open at the start.

1. Catarina Pereira – Mea culpa

First song is on from Catarina. We have a nice uptempo feel to the song with good beats.

Catarina is accompanied by dancers and backing singers and is resplendent in scarlet dress.

It reminds me of many Greek songs of this ilk. Its is reasonably well sung vocally but not overly strong.

Typical Eurovision fodder really.

2. Ivo Lucas – Eu vou

Ivo is up next and he is on stage strumming a guitar backed by 3 backing singers and two others on guitar and drum.

Its very low key to say the least, it plods along at an average pace without going anywhere really. Pretty dull to be honest.

3. Zana – Nas asas da sorte

Zana up next resplendent in an emerald green dress. She is accompanied on stage by 4 male backing singers in black suits.

Its a mid paced almost folksy kind of song with attempts hitting higher plains. The vocals are at times rather ropey.

This is not a good choice for Portugal but got a good reaction so will probably go through tonight.

4. Carla Ribeiro – Mais para dar

Carla up next with a very moody number that moves along nicely with a good feel and beat to it.

She is accompanied by a 5 piece group and is very competent on the vocal performance.

Its good but not great as far as the song goes and may well get through to the final.

5. Ricardo Afonso – Emoção

Ricardo in a dark grey t shirt with his rather rocky number is smouldering at the seams with this song.

He is also accompanied by a 5 piece band. This is a rather interesting kind of song a departure for Portugal

if they choose to go down this road. Very competent without being overly memorable and catchy enough for my liking.

A good reaction though in the hall.

6. Rui Andrade – Ao teu encontro

Rui is on the stage all on his one some. This is a ballad which is very competent vocally and has a nice feel to it.

It does start to have a bit of a build to it.  He is joined by 3 female singers in  scarlet. Its fine for what it is without being

overly great.

7. Lara Afonso – O teu segredo

Ok Lara gives us something completely different tonight. It has a bit of a doo wop feel to it. She has 3 backing singers with her on stage but this is pleasant nothing more. It does not have enough of the oomph factor to do well at Eurovision.

It may be different enough in this competition to reach the final though.

8. Raquel Guerra – Sonhos roubados

Raquel is up next and is on stage on her own. Quite a dramatic sounding song could easily be from a movie.

He is joined on stage by 4 backing singers who start to bring on the song in leaps and bounds.

Its  certainly has a catchy feel to it without being overly produced. Another good reaction for this one.

9. Madalena Trabuco – Coração de filigrana

Madalena is on stage in a scarlet dress  accompanied by a guy with a guitar sitting on a stool.

Very and moody and slow paced kinda song here. It doesn’t seem to have all that much going for it really.

Nothing memorable or magical or catchy enough for me really. One of the poorest songs for me tonight.

10. Suzy – Quero ser tua

So we have the last song tonight from Suzy. This is more like it. Two huge drums onstage. Plus a semi clad drummer too.

A couple of backing dancers. This has a definite fiesta/samba feel to it. It does have a couple of precarious moments vocally

but compared to others tonight I can see this reach the final.

So we have seen all of the songs tonight and am afraid nothing is jumping out at me from Portugal with regard

to Eurovision overall. I certainly do not think we have a potentially strong entry from Portugal this year.

A few songs that could be scrubbed up a bit but nothing more. I would go for Rui or Ricardo based on what I have seen tonight.

We are still on a break waiting for results to come in.

We have the results now.

Rui Andrade is through to the Final.

Catarina Pereira is through to the final.

Zana is through to the Final.

We have another interval act.

Raquel Guerra is through to the Final.

The 5th and final act through to the Final is Suzy.

So a reasonable selection from Portugal without any big surprises.

Do you think Portugal chose wisely tonight, let us know?

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