Denmark : LIVE ROLLING BLOG 20:00 (CET) Dansk Melodi Grand Prix

Dansk Melodi Grand Prix 2014. Photo : DR

Dansk Melodi Grand Prix 2014. Photo : DR

Welcome to our LIVE Blog of Dansk Melodi Grand Prix as Denmark look for their representative to defend their Eurovision title. Not a drummer or tin whistle in sight this year.

The show starts at 20:00 CET and just refresh this page for our coverage. Watch the show live HERE

10 Acts Competing to Represent the Host country

  1. Bryan Rice – I choose u
  2. Rebekka Thornbech – Your lies
  3. SONNY – Feeling the you
  4. Danni Elmo – She’s the one
  5. Emilie Moldow – Vi finder hjem
  6. GlamboyP – Right by your side
  7. Nadia Malm – Before you forget me
  8. Basim – Cliché love song
  9. Anna David – It hurt
  10. Michael Rune feat. Natascha Bessez – Wanna be loved


I spoke too soon – It is drums and tin whistle time again!! Emmelie reprising her 2013 Eurovision Winner

Danish Final 2014. Photo : Wouter van Vliet (EBU)

Danish Final 2014. Photo : Wouter van Vliet (EBU)

We have met our hosts and jury members – Let’s get this show on the road my good friends at DR

Bryan Rice – I choose u

Bryan Rice. Photo : Photo : Wouter van Vliet (EBU)

Bryan Rice. Photo : Photo : Wouter van Vliet (EBU)

Who wouldn’t want Bryan Rice to “Choose U”. A great catchy schlager/pop song to start the show off. How he managed to move about in those tight jeans is a miracle of the modern world!

A great song that had the audience joining in. A steel structure – looking like it came from a building site – Bryan threw himself all over it and worked the camera for everything he was worth.

I always love a large portion of rice – when I am having a “Carb Day” – this is one of them. Loving Bryan!

Rebekka Thornbech – Your lies

Rebekka Thornbech.  Photo : Wouter van Vliet (EBU)

Rebekka Thornbech. Photo : Wouter van Vliet (EBU)

Yipee – A folk song that gets you clapping your hands. All I was missing was the whiskey jar and . A sing-a-long feel good song from Rebekka and her 2 bessie mates!

At times a little pitchy but I forgot about that when 1 million leaves were blown onto the stage – I hope they are going to clean them up! Leave on the track can delay the Underground/Trains what could it do to Dansk Melodi Grand Prix! I shudder to think!

Great little interlude featuring Denmark’s first Eurovision winners Grethe and Jørgen Ingmann from 1963 where we met the writers. Cool Beans!

SONNY – Feeling the you

Sonny. Photo : Wouter van Vliet (EBU)

Sonny. Photo : Wouter van Vliet (EBU)

Sonny by name and Sonny by nature – well Sonny was a popular 80’s US tv show name. I dressed like Sonny in the 80’s with my while polo neck shirt and black trousers – maybe not the reb trainers but i had my white socks – THE SHAME.

Back to Sonny this appealed to my funky nature and I loved it. I found myself watching and not writing – always a good sign. For most 30 somethings we will love the Miami Vice memories this brought back and Sonny’s good looks will make the under 30 audience like him too.

A funky guy that proves that white guys can dance and jump and slide across the stage!

Danni Elmo – She’s the one

Danni Photo : Wouter van Vliet (EBU)

Danni Photo : Wouter van Vliet (EBU)

Ah Elmo is the cute one from Sesame Street but you could not call Danni cute. He is manly and tattooed and you would leave his woman alone if he said “She’s the One”.

Not my cup of tea but more a Calrsberg with a mate down the pub – but at those Danish prices maybe not too many drinks. Not in the Top 3 I guess.

Emilie Moldow – Vi finder hjem

Emilie - Photo : Wouter van Vliet (EBU)

Emilie – Photo : Wouter van Vliet (EBU)

Wearing a dress that you could not forget or hide any lumps and bumps, Emilie looked beautiful. The song though was very similar to Leon Lewis’ “Bleeding Love” – the demo version.

The Blues Brother brought their missing triplet out on stage and danced around Emilie for no apparent reason. I doubt it will be an Emilie representing Denmark again – See that “Only Teardrops” from me!

GlamboyP – Right by your side

GlamboyP. Photo : Wouter van Vliet (EBU)

GlamboyP. Photo : Wouter van Vliet (EBU)

Oh I am having a moment! Lady Gaga has done the ultimate costume change and is now a man by the name of “GlamboyP”. I want to know what the “P” stands for? P..P..P..Please make it stop NEVER! This was crazy that I didn’t want it to stop!

How can you not get some enjoyment from a man like Gaga kissing mannequins (no wait that is not illegal is it – Ah it’s those liberal Danes) This was trash euro pop – I enjoyed but I don’t think I could take 2 weeks of him “Right By My Side” in Copenhagen. Sorry GlamboyP

Nadia Malm – Before you forget me

Nadia Photo : Wouter van Vliet (EBU)

Nadia Photo : Wouter van Vliet (EBU)

Was this Gina Dirawi moonlighting following her Melodifestivalen 2013 presenting gig! She looked like her for sure!

People in a song contest please don’t wear a dark dress as you get lost on the stage. This was a ballad for a third of the song and then kicked into a dance track. Unfortunately by that time I had already nodded off dreaming of some more “Rice”!.

Pleasant song but when did pleasant ever win Eurovision – oh yeah last year but lightening doesn’t strike twice – right?

Basim – Cliché love song

Basim Photo : Wouter van Vliet (EBU)

Basim Photo : Wouter van Vliet (EBU)

Geek Chic but I loved it!! He looks like all those guys who get into trouble in American Teen Movies – Think American Pie. But this is so funky that you cannot help by fall in love with Basim.

Great pop song with a 60’s Washington vibe going to it. Instantly catchy and instantly charming. This tastes as good as “Mama’s American Pie” but I will not be having relations with the pie – again.

Loved this song!

Anna David – It hurt

Anna David Photo : Wouter van Vliet (EBU)

Anna David Photo : Wouter van Vliet (EBU)

“THIEF” I cry loudly!! Someone has stolen Anna’s skirt! What is she “NOT Wearing”. Are we going to a Cocktail Pool Party!

Oh wait this was a Public Service Announcement of the dangers of plastic bags! Her dancers were in full bags. Plastic bags are dangerous and can kills kids – these ones killed this song!

Sorry Anna

Michael Rune feat. Natascha Bessez – Wanna be loved

Michael and Natascha Photo : Wouter van Vliet (EBU)

Michael and Natascha Photo : Wouter van Vliet (EBU)

OMG – Fashion Faux Pas. Natascha had the same missing skirt as poor Anna before her. I seriously hope I don’t find myself losing my trousers in Copenhagen – Oh Matron!

Am I the only person who felt this had the same hook as “Only Teardrops” but just to a saxaphone? But let’s face it Michael has so much “Saz Appeal” that he could have been playing “Three Blind Mice” and I would not have cared!

Having said this – they had the whole audience dancing with them. Pure bubble gum pop – with a Schlager flavour!

Loved It though cheesy – but I love a good Danish Blue from time to time!

Interval Act

There are your 10 songs!

Emmelie De Forest on stage for “Rainmaker”

Can someone please buy the woman a pair of shoes! She will catch her death of cold!!

Super Final 2 Announced

Top 3 Songs go through to the Super Final

  • Basim – Told you “Geek Chic” rules
  • Michael Rune feat. Natascha Bessez  – Told you “Sax Appeal”
  • Rebekka Thornbech – Really?

Gutted for Bryan Rice. What were you think Denmark!!

Interval Act – Part Two

What looks like an army of kids dancing and singing!

Super Final

All three songs have just performed again and the public and jury will vote.

My Predictions

  1. Michael Rune feat. Natascha Bessez
  2. Basim
  3. Rebekka Thornbech


Jury members giving their votes

5 Jury members have voted

1st Basim

2nd Rebekka Thornbech

3rd Michael Rune feat. Natascha Bessez (To the Disappointment of the audience)

We are awaiting the Public Vote

Rollo and King and Hot Eyes are bringing us some classic Danish Eurovision memories

Final Vote

After the Public vote was added the results were

1st – Basim

2nd – Michael Rune feat. Natascha Bessez

3rd – Rebekka Thornbech

Congratulations to the “Geek Chic” Basim and his “Cliché Love Song”

Hope you enjoyed the night.

Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : Eurovision Ireland

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