Eurovision 2014

IRELAND : Sunday Newspaper Reaction to Eurosong “Standoff”

Catfight at the Late Late Corral. Photo : RTE

Catfight at the Late Late Corral. Photo : RTE

Friday night saw Can-Linn and the beautiful Kasey Smith win the Irish Eurosong selection for Eurovision 2014 with the song “Heartbeat”. By all accounts a popular winner.

Irish newspapers today are covering the other story of the night which was the standoff (literally) between Mentor Billy McGuinness (of Aslan fame) and Eurovision Winner Linda Martin and Pop Mogul Louis Walsh.

In case you missed the live exchange of words, RTE have uploaded this video of the events.

#Eurogate – as it is being dubbed by the press – was as a result in differing opinions between Billy McGuinness and Louis Walsh. Billy believed that Louis had a previous connection with 2 of the Eurosong finalists which could have been seen as unfair as they could draw on Twitter support from acts like Niall Horan (One Direction) and Olly Murs.

What transpired on the night is certainly a talking point here in Ireland and abroad following the comments people have sent our site.

The Irish Sun newspaper today writes that Billy McGuinness has been in contact with high-profile Irish lawyer Gerald Kean with a potential case to take against Louis Walsh’s comments on the show

“I don’t know what Billy is on but he is on something and it’s not a good thing”

Billy McGuinness has said

“I have been in contact with my solicitor Gerald Kean this morning about Louis’ remarks……I want to clear my name publicly and say I was not on any drugs, I hadn’t even had a drink and for Louis to claim that I was ‘on something’ in front of the whole of Ireland on the Late Late show is very damaging”

Billy goes on to talk of his hopes for the future of the song contest saying

“I’ve absolutely no regrets over what I said on the show…I hope the Eurovision song process will be a level playing field for next year”

Meanwhile in an interview with the Sunday World Linda Martin explained her side of events.

“I heard him on Ryan Tubridy’s radio show this morning (Friday) and he was not only saying that Louis had fixed Eurosong for the last 3 years, which is completely untrue, but that Linda Martin was in his pocket. He portrayed me as a puppet.

Louis and I are friends for many years, but I am not his puppet and I certainly don’t do what he tells me all the time. Some viewers suggested that the row was staged to create drama – That’s absolutely not the case. When I went over to him it was the spur of the moment”

A Eurosong contest that will not be forgotten in a hurry.

Now we have to turn our attention to Can-Linn featuring Kasey Smith and the song “Heartbeat”. The public and jury voted for them to go to Eurovision and that is now the focus for all concerned.

So what do you think of the events of last Friday night?

Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : The Sunday World, The Sun and RTE

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  1. That was intense on the show. It was amusing, but poor Laura!! Billy seemed just to cause trouble.. Bad mentoring..

  2. Linda Martin was an absolute disgrace, it had nothing to do with her. It was between Billy McGuinness and Louis Walsh.
    Instead of commenting on Laura O’Neills song, which she was asked to do, she turned into Billy McGuinness. It showed a complete lack of respect for Laura O’Neill and was so unprofessional.
    She made a comment earlier in the show, that she was in Malmo last year for the contest, and didn’t know anyone there…the old ones were all gone…..she should be gone too.

  3. Will RTE have to pay out again? No one really came out of the whole thing well I really felt sorry for Laura O’Neill who put in a great performance.

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