Eurovision 2014

IRELAND – LIVE BLOG Of The Eurosong Final – #JoinUs at 21:35 (GMT)

Eurosong Live Rolling Blog. Photo : Eurovision Ireland

Eurosong Live Rolling Blog. Photo : Eurovision Ireland

Welcome to our LIVE BLOG of the Eurosong Final where Ireland picks their entrant for Eurovision 2014.

The Eurosong Final will take place on “The Late Late Show”  RTE 1 TV Tonight Friday February 28th at 21:35 (GMT)

International Viewers can watch live on the RTE Player HERE or HERE

Just Refresh the Page for updates and we will give you the full story on the songs and performances. Tonight you are in the capable hands of John Stanton.

The Performers and Mentors

Song 1 – Patricia Roe – “Don’t Hold On” – Mentor Valerie Roe

Song 2 – Eoghan Quigg – “The Movie Song” – Mentor Mark Murphy

Song 3 – Can-linn Feat. Kasey Smith – “Heartbeat” – Mentor Hazel Kaneswaran

Song 4 – Andrew Mann – “Be Mine” – Mentor Cormac Battle

Song 5 – Laura O’Neill – “You Don’t Remember Me” – Mentor Billy McGuinness

So the special edition of RTÉ’s flagship programme has kicked off. Ryan Tubridy has already introduced the evergreen Marty Whelan who’s stationed in the Green Room, or hairspray capital of Ireland as he’s telling us.

After a brief reprise of ‘Rock n Roll Kids’ and ‘Hold me now’, Ryan introduces the first of five songs that viewers voted their favourite non-Irish Eurovision songs. Number 5 in this list was Nicole’s ‘Ein Bisschen Frieden’.

Ryan also introduces Louis (who plugs his bands), Linda (who we see a clip of from 1992), Owen (who has interesting views of Eurovision) and Maya (who says she will be honest).


Onto the songs:

Song 1 – Patricia Roe – “Don’t Hold On” – Mentor Valerie Roe

Valerie reminds us that Patricia finished runner-up to Linda Martin and Niamh Kavanagh in previous Irish Eurosongs. The song is in the tradition of the Irish ballads that did so well in the 1990s. It’s a very good ballad, and Patricia has a band on stage with her, and a saxophonist in the audience to add some jazz to it. As ballads go, it’s performed very well.

Owen’s opinion is that the song is inoffensive. He wasn’t too keen and thought it might not do too well if it won. Linda thinks it’s dated. The saxophone made her think of Johnny Logan’s ‘What’s another year’. Louis liked it, and thinks it would be good enough to get through a Eurovision semi-final. Finally Maya said Patricia looks amazing. She likened it to a background ballad and reminded us that most tele-voters will only hear songs once.


Song 2 – Eoghan Quigg – “The Movie Song” – Mentor Mark Murphy

Eoghan’s song is also slow, and sees him sat on a stool playing a guitar. He has two backing singers and three girls with string instruments. This song really bounces along very well. And for those who love a key change, it has one of those too. The whole effect is very good, and sadly looks like Patricia won’t be winning tonight.

Linda is smiling at this, and comments on the audience reaction (at the singalong part of the song). It may not win Eurovision, but Eoghan is a stellar performer. Maya thinks Eoghan is very cute, especially is surrounded by puppies. It has Eurovision English(?) and says they often win the contest. Louis has heard this for the first time just now, and thinks it could win Eurovision. It’s contemporary and thinks all the girls would love him. Owen comments on the exuberance of the audience who really liked the song.


We now break for a Mastermind style competition on the subject of Eurovision. A Johnny Logan jacket is the prize for the winner. Our first contender Mairead gets 9 points. Shane, dressed in a white suit gets 8 points. However, as Shane has put in more effort to his costume, she gives him the jacket.

Song 3 – Can-linn Feat. Kasey Smith – “Heartbeat” – Mentor Hazel Kaneswaran

Mentor Hazel jumped at the chance to be a mentor. She says that Kasey looks like a popstar. It’s another very contemporary song, but with Irish overtones in the dancers and the backing track. The chorus is instantly catchy. A quick straw poll of the audience favours this song.

Louis says this is a typical Eurovision song. Owen compares it the ‘Only love survives’ but thinks the Irish element lifts it. Maya says it has something for everyone, and shows the irish off in a modern way. Linda picks out the super song, the good-looking singer and generally loves evrything about it, apart from maybe too much dancing.


We briefly see the fourth-best song in the poll, which is ‘Fairytale’ by Alexander Rybak

Song 4 – Andrew Mann – “Be Mine” – Mentor Cormac Battle

Cormac tells us of personal hardship and thinks this song and singer are right for Eurovision because it unites us all and tells us to enjoy life. Andrew sings this song with a rocky edge, set off by his facial hair and hat. He fronts a band that work together very well. They complement his strong vocals.

Maya likes the song with its Nickelback overtones and thinks it’s a good rock song. Louis thinks it’s not a Eurovision song and doesn’t think it’s good enough. Linda acknowledges Andrew is a fine singer but doesn’t personally like the song. Owen thought it finished really strongly


Song 5 – Laura O’Neill – “You Don’t Remember Me” – Mentor Billy McGuinness

Mentor Billy has harsh words for Louis Walsh and thinks the text vote should be done away with. he tries to sell the song but he thinks it’s not a level playing field. Laura immediately stands out from her backing band in her striking pink dress. She has a smoky powerful voice and the slightly dark song suits her vocal. Heavy use of strings at the end of the chorus add to the song.

Owen thought it was fantastic live, better than when he first heard a recorded version. It’s maybe more a movie soundtrack more than a Eurovision song. Linda had some harsh words for mentor Billy but thinks Laura had a stellar performance. Maya says that Laura is an amazing singer. Louis agrees that Laura is an amazing singer.


We go to Marty in the Green Room who has good words for all the acts and wishes them all well.

The voting lines now open, for viewers both in the Republic of Ireland and also Northern Ireland. We get the different numbers that viewers can vote on.

After another quick straw poll of the audience, we see ‘Hard rock hallelujah’ byt Lordi, which was voted third in the RTÉ poll of favourite Eurovision songs.

We get a short commercial break before Ryan reminds us of a viewer competition. Answer a question correctly and win a car and €10,000. Worth doing if you’re in Ireland.

Our interval act is the one and only Johnny Logan. He’s looking very well groomed. He goes straight into ‘What’s another year’ which sounds as good now as it did in 1980. This melds nicely into ‘Why me’, performed by Linda Martin in 1992 but written by him. The medley continues when he switches to ‘Hold me now’ Johnny’s 1987 winner. He gets a huge cheer.


Johnny chats with Ryan and immediately tells us his trousers are a size too small. When challenged, his sweetest victory was ‘Hold me now’. After his win, his sister called him from Australia, then walked into his bathroom and cried. During the voting in 1987, he had a glass of champagne after every 12 points he received. So he got a lot of champagne. We then see a clip of the Irish National Song Contest in 1980, when Johnny looked slightly different (younger).

On tonight’s show, Johnny didn’t want to comment, but mentor Billy has the right to express his feelings, but wasn’t sure whether the comments about Louis were fair. But someone with a big following shouldn’t influence the vote. It needs to be fair to get the songs.

Second best song in the RTÉ poll of favourite non-Irish songs goes to the UK’s Buck’s Fizz and their 1981 winner ‘Making your mind up’.

Our next feature is ‘Mime that tune’, played along the lines of charades. After the fun and games earlier, this is a nice light item. If our mimer gets five correct, there will be a one-night stay in a B&B for every audience member. So we get ‘Waterloo’, ‘Making your mind up’, ‘In your eyes’, ‘Why me’ and ‘Hard rock hallelujah’. Everyone wins a prize!

Then onto the favourite non-Irish Eurovision song? It’s ‘Waterloo’ by some Swedish combo called ABBA. Who would have thought it?

Another commercial break out the way, and the phone lines have closed. The panel are back and Linda tells us the dust has settled. The tickets for charity naked mud-wrestling match between Billy and Linda are now on sale, says Owen. Louis tells us he saw two humdingers of songs (Eoghan and Kasey). Linda likes Eoghan and Kasey, and also Laura.

The votes will come soon. But first, Paul Harrington and Charlie McGettigan entertain us with ‘Rock n roll kids’, their winner from 1994. Another classic.

Marty in the Green Room tells us it’s gone very quiet there, and he hopes the best song will win. The atmosphere is very tense there, and he’s going to don the viking helmet he’s found.

Our juries are in Galway, Cork, Dublin, Limerick, Sligo and give the votes as follows:

Patricia – 4 – 6 – 6 – 6 – 4

Eoghan – 10 – 10 – 10 – 10 – 12

Kasey – 12 – 8 – 12 – 12 – 10

Andrew – 6 – 4 – 4 – 4 – 6

Laura -8 – 12 – 8 – 8 – 8

The televotes then come in as follows (total scores in brackets)

Patricia – 30 (66)

Eoghan – 50 (102)

Kasey – 60 (124)

Andrew – 20 (44)

Laura – 40 (84)

So Can-Linn featuring Kasey Smith will represent Ireland in Copenhagen with the song ‘Heartbeat’.

Thanks for tuning in. I personally think the best song won tonight, and Kasey seems an accomplished singer who shouldn’t give us any problems vocally in Copenhagen.

Don’t forget there are more national finals this weekend, and we at Eurovision Ireland will be live-blogging them all.

Goodnight x

LIVE BLOG at 21:35 (GMT)

5 replies »

  1. Eurosong 2014 may have redefined the word shambolic, but it was by far the most enthralling, entertaining, and enjoyable-for-all-the-wrong-reasons national final I have seen in a long, long time. I think Laura O’Neill was robbed in the end, but such is life.
    Oh, and both the disgraceful Billy McGuinness and the equally disgraceful Linda Martin should be thoroughly ashamed of themselves. Pair of gobshites.

  2. Weak song
    Terrible dancers!!
    Eoin Quigg would have made top ten
    The best performance by a long way was Laura though but hopefully they can improve kasey a bit before the contest.
    I fear no final this year (although it is a weak year song wise all over)

  3. Well what a show ( great to see our Garett getting his mug on TV every now and again, sorry though you were somewhat overshadowed)!!

    Better show than other years as there seemed to be a mainly eurovision crowd in and there was no non eurovision chat when the votes were being checked.

    It really was not right to have Martin or Walsh on the panel. why can’t they get a panel who is not from Ireland?

    The Winner is a good song, well sung and performed but not in my opinion a winner and please please lose the dancers!!! (I voted for No 5 so what do I know))

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