Eurovision 2014

ISRAEL – Eurovision Song Selections Premiered Tonight

Mei Finegold. Photo : Lior Nordman

Mei Finegold. Photo : Lior Nordman

Israel – Tonight IBA (Israeli National Broadcaster) will release the 3 songs that Mei Finegold will perform for the Israeli Eurovision 2014 Vote.

Tonight Thursday February 27th at 20:00 (CET) the 3 songs will be aired. The public will have almost a week to vote for their favourite song that will represent Israel at Eurovision 2014. The winning song will be announced on March 5th at 20:00 (CET) on a special Eurovision Show.

Tonight you can listen to the songs on IBA Channel 1 and HD, on IBA’s radio stations and On-Line HERE. We will get to see the 3 selection videos that were shot last week on-line also


Songs For Selection

  1. Same Heart
  2. Nish’eret Iti (Staying with me) 
  3. Be Proud 


Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : IBA

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  1. I heard the songs and here is my opinion about them(links attached):

    1.Same Heart- Probably the best song in the bunch.A dance song with a very presence guitar and drum sound.Her voice carry the song well and give the song an extra dimension.

    2. Nisheret Iti(Staying with me)- The worst song in the bunch. The words don’t fit the music and it all sounds very forceful and repetitive.

    3. Be Proud – not a bad song, though it the song sound like France from 2013,including the colour of her voice.Again the words seem to be a bit forceful,however it is better than song 2.

    A wise decision will be Same Heart

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