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Eesti Laul 2014. Photo :

Eesti Laul 2014. Photo :

Estonia – Welcome to our live blog of the second semi final of Eesti Laul 2014. You can watch the show using the link HERE

Show starts now 19:45 GMT – Just Refresh the page for LIVE Updates

5 songs will qualify from the following 10 songs to the Grand Final

Last week we only correctly predicted 1 of the 5 qualifiers. We are DETERMINED to at least double that this week – let’s not get too carried away with ourselves!


  1. Norman Salumäe – Search
  2. Lauri Pihlap – Lootus
  3. Nion – Muud pole vaja
  4. Maltised – Elu
  5. Sofia Rubina – City lights
  6. MiaMee – Fearful heart
  7. Traffic – Für Elise
  8. Maiken – Siin või sealpool maad
  9. Sandra Nurmsalu – Kui tuuled pöörduvad
  10. Brigita Murutar – Laule täis taevakaar


Norman Salumäe – Search

This is the Calvin Klein version of Belgium’s Witloof Bay – they are all so pretty and should be on a beach somewhere in their underwear. Good work with the camera – and when you look this good as a group then that is votes there. The song though was very forgettable. It will probably win!! Not standing out for me but they all look beautiful! 5 out of 10 for me

Lauri Pihlap – Lootus

Oh now this is something for me to sink my teeth into – literally! This is soul and RnB and has a mid tempo funky beat. Great use of a part in the song for getting the audience to participate in the song. This has a good modern feel and will probably come last knowing the Estonian public. Lauri looks like he is a cross between John Travolta in Grease meets The Killers. 9 out of 10

Nion – Muud pole vaja

More Nion then “Neon” as this failed to shine brightly for me. A mid tempo pop synth song that is more memorable for the road kill that the lead singer was wearing. It appears that there is an Eagle missing a set of wings in Estonia tonight. She also bears an uncanny resemblance to Mia who is in the final 3 singers in Lithuania. Is she moonlighting and trying to represent both countries. Well i think she would have more success in Lithuania than with this song. 5 out of 10

Maltised – Elu

What do you get if you mix “The Blues Brothers” with an Estonian Wedding Band? You get act number 4 Maltised. I wonder if they are from Malta? Whoever they are they are an aging Estonian Schlager band – and I LOVED them! It is my guilty pleasure for the night. I shouldn’t like this but I do! 8 out of 10

LOVING THE BANTER WITH THE COMMENTATORS – The younger of which is one of the members from Winny Puuh

Sofia Rubina – City lights

Now we go for some Estonian trance music. There were times when the pronunciation of “City” came across more with an “Sh” sound to it. I had to take some cotton buds to my ears just to make sure – the jury is still out! Sofia has a good voice but just doesn’t know how to use it. She was dressed like she was going to lunch and should have her poodle with her. There were pitching problems and it all seemed like the lights were turned off in the City. 3 out of 10

MiaMee – Fearful heart

Oh I am not sure what that was. It seems like it should be in a modern art exhibition where the theme was “Expressionless Estonian Times”. It was very melancholic but without any moments of redemption for us the audience. You cannot get excited about this song except for the salmon tux wearing backing singers that added the colour to this song. 2 out of 10

Traffic – Für Elise

Stop the “Traffic” – we have a cracking song. If this goes to Eurovision then our good friends in Malta will not be happy as this is another gem of a Mumford and Son type but this has a mandolin and a handsome lead singer wearing a Hugh Hefner smoking jacket! I want it!The mandolin is a highly underrated Eurovision instrument. This has it all. 9 out of 10

Maiken – Siin või sealpool maad

The thing I like about this song is Maiken’s voice and the sound of the Estonian language. It is a song that kept promising to take off but seemed to get stuck in second gear. It almost went into the all important key change but got too scared and held back. I think this may make the final of Eesti Laul but would be lost at Eurovision. 5 out of 10

Sandra Nurmsalu – Kui tuuled pöörduvad

You remember Sandra. She was the lead singer of Urban Symphony who represented Estonia at Eurovision in 2009 and brought them to the Top 10 after a drought of several years. This was the Summer of Love on stage for 3 minutes. I was not expecting to like this but this is catchy and made me want to throw off my clothes and run through a field of daisies. This had the audience hooked from the first second. The best of the night and I think the song that will represent Estonia in Copenhagen. Charming and Instant – what you need for Eurovision. 9.5 out of Ten

Brigita Murutar – Laule täis taevakaar

Ok, Eesti Laul have been saving the best songs til last. Again another Mumford and Son song. It seems that it takes a world famous band to split for their music to make it to Eurovision. A good song sug well by a very charming singer. The audience loved her so it might be an indicator of the public vote. Should qualify for the final next week. 9 out of 10.

My Predictions

  • Lauri Pihlap – Lootus
  • Maltised – Elu
  • Traffic – Für Elise
  • Sandra Nurmsalu – Kui tuuled pöörduvad
  • Brigita Murutar – Laule täis taevakaar

Remember last week I only got 1 correct so who knows!

It is the Dancing Clowns again from last week. Genius!!!

The Jury Top 5

In no particular order the Jury Top 5 – was like last week – was totally not what I was expecting!

  • Norman Salumäe – Search
  • MiaMee – Fearful heart
  • Traffic – Für Elise
  • Maiken – Siin või sealpool maad
  • Sandra Nurmsalu – Kui tuuled pöörduvad


It is now up to the Estonian Public to add some common sense to this vote – however the Jury and Public were in total agreement


Recap of the songs for the televote


5 Acts Qualifying for the Grand Final


  1. Norman Salumäe – Search
  2. Traffic – Für Elise
  3. Maiken – Siin või sealpool maad
  4. Sandra Nurmsalu – Kui tuuled pöörduvad
  5. Brigita Murutar – Laule täis taevakaar


The Public disagreed with the Jury on just 1 act this week and MiaMee was over ruller by the televote and Brigita Murutar made it through to the final.

Yes – This week I got 3 of the 5 finalists! A improvement on last week.

Did Estonia get it right?

Hope you enjoyed the show and #JoinUs tomorrow for “Super Saturday”

Garrett singing out


Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : Eurovision Ireland

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