Eurovision 2014

POLAND : Donatan Asks “Should We Go To Eurovision?” – We Answer Him #JoinUs

Donatan and Cleo : Photo © promotional materials Donatan & Cleo

Donatan and Cleo : Photo © promotional materials Donatan & Cleo

Poland – The return of TVP (Polish National Broadcaster) to Eurovision was greeted with much enthusiasm by the EBU and Fans alike. Who would represent them at the contest? Former Polish entrants or someone else?

Well we told you of the possible internal selection of Donatan & Cleo and their song “The Slavic Girls”. To say that this speculation caused such a response was an understatement! Our website went crazy from all four corners of the globe and possibly even further than that!

So it came as a pleasant surprise when we saw the pictures of Donatan & Cleo in the offices of TVP for discussions. Donatan posted that he didn’t know what to do and yesterday he opened an open forum on his Facebook Page asking his 400 thousand fans to discuss if he and Cleo should go to Eurovision?

Well we had to answer his call for opinions on the subject!

National Pride

Poland are having a successful time at the Winter Olympics with 4 Gold Medals already! Now Donatan if you get offered the chance to represent your country on an International stage then you should grab that opportunity with both hands FIRMLY! We happened to notice that you like wearing chains/medals. Why not try to turn that silver medal into a GOLD one at Eurovision!

Donatan ans his Silver Medal. Photo :

Donatan ans his Silver Medal. Photo :

An Anniversary Apology 

2014 is the 20th Anniversary of Poland’s début at the Eurovision Song Contest. Now many people say that Edyta Gorniak should have won the contest that year in Dublin. We are truly sorry that the Irish entry denied Poland a victory at Eurovision so as a special Anniversary gift we could try to help you win the Eurovision Contest in 2014 by giving you 12 points in Copenhagen. Let us apologise fully to you and the good people of Poland and let us make amends!

Slavic Girls

Would you deny all of Europe the beauty that is Cleo? As you say in the song “Shake What Your Mama Gave You” – well don’t you think that you should do this and show Europe exactly what your “Mama Gave You”? Don’t be shy and take the lead from Cleo as she uses “Her Charm and Beauty”. I hope that you are not scared to do this as Cleo has plenty of “Girl Power” for you both. However prove to us that the Slavic Boys have just as much “Charm and Beauty” too. Don’t let me down!

Donatana and Cleo : Phot © promotional materials Donatan & Cleo

Donatana and Cleo : Photo © promotional materials Donatan & Cleo

Europe Needs Some Fresh Music

When was the last time that we heard a huge thumping rap/dub-step song played on a Global stage from a Polish artist? You have been number 1 in Poland for what seems like forever, don’t you think it about time to share this wonderful 3 minutes of Polish music with the rest of your European family? My Grandmother told me it is “always good share” – so you would not want to go against the wishes of my Grandmother – would you? Respect your elders like a good man! Share this 3 minutes of glorious Polish Funky Music with all of Europe!

You Have More to Gain

You have so much to gain from entering the contest! Eurovision winner Niamh Kavanagh (1993) said it best “Eurovision is what you make of it!”. That is the advice that we give to you. No matter if you win, lose or draw (remember Abba failed on their first attempt) you can make this Eurovision Song Contest in Copenhagen all about Donatan & Cleo. You can take “Slavic Girls” and all your music to an audience that wold normally cost millions of Euros, Goats and even Bottles of Vodka. This is a Golden – no make that Platinum Opportunity-  for you, Cleo and Poland to announce that your music is here and that we should all “blow our horns” about it! Never look a gift horse in the mouth!

Finally – My Stepmother Says “Yes/Tak”

After 22 years of being widowed, my Father recently remarried a wonderful Polish woman – so I have a Polish Stepmother and family – and even though she lives in Ireland, she and all her friends knew the song “My Slowianie” and furthermore she LOVES it too. Think of all the Polish people who live across Europe. They know “My Slowianie” too and you know that they will be voting for you on the night! So please don’t disappoint my new Stepmother as both she and I are looking forward to “Slavic Girls” on the Eurovision Stage. She promises that if you enter Euroviison then you and Cleo are invited to Dublin for a home cooked Polish dinner – and let me tell you she is an AMAZING cook.

In all seriousness you nothing to lose and everything to gain from entering Eurovision. Be brave, be bold and take this opportunity to represent your country on an international stage. Not many people get to do that in their life time! Remember “Shake What You Mama Gave You”!

Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : Eurovision Ireland

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  1. Seriously, what is wrong with us? Girls who are basically portraying all the Slavic girls as some dumb drunk sluts are winning a considerable amount of votes even in Slavic countries? You can call it a joke, but you must realize that the one who is joking always sees a grain of truth in his own words. It is just an exaggeration, not an invention of real-life facts and features that makes it funny.
    And I know it is easier to laugh with the crowd and pretend it is laughing WITH you, not AT you, than to stand against it… And I guess those of you who applauded this performance have the right to choose this way. But please, don’t pretend you are speaking on behalf of “Slavic girls”. And even more importantly: Slavic girls, please don’t let such misery speak in your name… By the way, Baltic girls get confused to Slavic ones in most parts of the world, so this is our concern too.

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