Azerbaijan : Videos from Last night’s Böyük Sehne Eurovision Selection

Asad Shabanov. Photo :

Asad Shabanov. Photo :

Azerbaijan : Last night the remaining 10 acts performed again for the judges on Böyük Sehne. 4 acts were eliminated after the judges votes. Below are the judges results

  • Aydın Eyvazzadeh – 39 points (Eliminated)
  • Hülya İbadova – 43 points (Eliminated)
  • Samira Efendiyeva – 48 points
  • Elton İbrahimov – 45 points
  • Fuad Asadov – 39 points (Eliminated)
  • Khana Hasanova – 46 points
  • Erkin Osmanlı – 49 points
  • Dilara Kazımova – 48 points
  • Rilaya – 42 points (Eliminated)
  • Asad Shabanov – 49 points

You must look at this performance by Dilara Kazimova of “History Repeating”. Not only do they make one sing on the show but they are asked to dance on and around a kitchen and bake a cake – I wonder if this is a “Cheesecake” – needs to be seen to be believed!


The Semi final will take place next Sunday February 23rd.


Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : Böyük Sehne

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  1. Thank gawd Aydin was banished!! 😛 How he got this far was a mystery to me. Xana & Azad are currently my favourites. I’m really loving this show.

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