Eurovision 2014 Green Room and Ticket Changes

Green Room 2013. Photo : RTE

Green Room 2013. Photo : RTE

Eurovision 2014 will bring the artists closer to the fans at this year’s competition. DR (Danish Broadcaster) has announced that they will be placing the Green Room for the artists on an Island in the center of the arena.


Island Green Room

Speaking today DR’s Head of Show, Jan Lagermand Lundme said of the plans for the “Island Green Room”

“Our audience, our viewers and our artists will enjoy the experience of being close to everything, and as we want the Green Room to play a central role in the shows, it is as such natural to move it closer to the actual show and into the hall”.

“I Hope it will help to create an absolutely fantastic atmosphere in the arena, and that atmosphere will of course be radiated out through television sets all over Europe, so the viewers will also be able to feel the excitement and party from the hall”


Change of Tickets

In order to facilitate the movement of the Green Room into the arena this will mean that

“members of the audience that purchased tickets to the shows back in November will be issued with new tickets by post. This will happen automatically and DR promises that the new tickets are in the same category and at the same level as the original tickets”.

Eurovision 2014 Tickets. Photo : ViewsonHeels

Eurovision 2014 . Photo : ViewsonHeels


Eurovision 2014 will come live from the B&W-Hallerne on Refshaleøen in Copenhagen on the 6th, 8th and 10th of May.


What do you think of having the artists on an Island stage in the centre of the arena for Eurovision 2014?


Author/Website co-founder and Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : DR and Eurovision.TV

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  1. And the ridiculous obsession with bringing the live audience “closer” to the artists continues… Do the organisers need to be reminded that it’s the Eurovision SONG Contest, not the Eurovision AUDIENCE Contest?

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