Eurovision 2014

United Kingdom : Jessie J Tweets on Eurovision 2014 Involvement

Jessie J Tweets about Eurovision 2014. Photo : Jessie J Facebook

Jessie J Tweets about Eurovision 2014. Photo : Jessie J Facebook


UNITED KINGDOM : Many sites had speculated that Brit Winner Jessie J could be involved at Eurovision 2014 for the BBC. It all sparked off from a comment she gave to Capital Radio in London – See HERE

The rumours have made their way all the way to the singer herself and today she tweeted

So there goes a pipe dream for another year.

So the UK media continue to propose that “Old Spice” Girl member Geri Halliwell will be announced as the BBC’s act for the contest in Copenhagen. This comes off the back of her recent single “Half of Me” that only sold 393 copies in Australia where she has been working for some time now on Australia’s Got Talent.

Is Geri the woman for the job?

Let us know what you think.


Author/Website co-founder and Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : Twitter

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  1. If the UK want to pump up the pessimistic peoples’ view on Eurovision, then they would send Geri.. sadly. That video just oozes creepiness & it’s so insubstantial. Unless, she’s chosen with a song with proper girl power & shocks everybody.. here’s hoping for a miracle 😛

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