Eurovision 2014

United Kingdom : BBC Made Their Eurovision 2014 Shortlist Today – UKR

BBC Eurovision Shortlist 2014.  Photo : BBC

BBC Eurovision Shortlist 2014. Photo : BBC

United Kingdom – Today the band “United Kingdom of Rock” (UKR) have shared a communication that they say that they received from the BBC regarding their song submission for Eurovision 2014. It appears that the BBC listened to all the submissions for the UK’s entry for Eurovision 2014 this morning – January 22nd.

The mail the band has shared on their Facebook reads as follows

“Hello UKR,

A while ago you very kindly sent us a song for consideration as the UK entry to the Eurovision Contest. In the interests of fairness, we retained all such entries in order to listen to them all at the same time and compare them in the same conditions and circumstances.

This morning we listened to all the tracks, and considered all the important factors: instant appeal, memorable hooks, live vocal impact, how the song builds etc.

I’m sorry to say that although the song potentially means a lot to a British audience, the votes in Eurovision are only cast by European viewers and jurors and we felt that some of the references might be lost on that audience. Therefore, I’m really sorry to say that we did not shortlist your song. Nevertheless, we are extremely grateful to you for your interest in the UK entry and of course hope that you find success with the track elsewhere.

Kindest regards, Matt Keyte On behalf of Guy Freeman”

The BBC are looking for a singer and song that fits the following criteria

  • instant appeal
  • memorable hooks
  • live vocal impact
  • how the song builds etc


We spoke to Matt Fielder of UKR today following the BBC notification and he said

“Personally I think Europe should be allowed to make its own mind up. Our message was simple….we were embracing Europe and inviting them all to join in the United Kingdom of Rock”


So it now appears that the BBC have made their shortlist for Eurovision 2014 as of today according to UKR.


Author/Website co-founder and Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : UKR Facebook

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  1. They should go try out for Britain’s got Talent or X Factor or something as a novelty classical rock act 😀

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