Eurovision 2014

LITHUANIA : Eurovision 2014 National Selection Songs Attracts International Composers

Lithuania Eurovision 2014 Selection. Photo : Wikimedia

Lithuania Eurovision 2014 Selection. Photo : Wikimedia

Lithuania – Is in the middle of their Eurovision 2014 selection process. By far one of the longest National Selections across Europe this year. Recently the 16 songs that have been shortlisted for the national final were placed on-line and the public from across Europe can vote on the song that they think  is best suited to Eurovision.  

What is now slowly emerging are the composers details of the songs and they are coming from all across Europe. The song that currently leads the way in the voting is song #5 called “Worlds Apart” with 31% of the total vote. The song is a collaboration between Gorgi (Georgios Kalpakidis) and  Yaron Malachi – Music: Gorgi/Yaron Malachi and Lyrics: Gorgi.

Gorgi hails from Greece but has been involved in many Eurovision National selections across Europe. This is another attempt for Gorgi in Lithuania. He composed the song “Home” that was performed by Dar that was narrowly beaten by Donny Montell’s “Love is Blind” in 2012. He returned in 2013 with Dar again and the song “Jump” that yet again made the Grand Final in the National Selection. So is this his year?



Next up we have Alison Ellul from Malta who was composed the song “It’s All About A Boy” with Elton Zarb and Aidan O’Connor. The song is currently 6th in the voting. Alison has been in several Maltese National Selections/Finals. Their song.


The last composer that we currently know from the Lithuanian national is Irish song writer Aidan O’Connor. As you will have read above, he is one of the composers of “It’s All About A Boy” but he has collaborated on a further “seven” – yes 7 –  songs in the Lithuanian national selection. A total of 8 songs Aidan has in contention – that has to be a record in the Eurovision Books. The songs that Aidan has collaborated on are “It’s all about a Boy”, “One”, “Take a look at me now”, “You Found me”, “In the Rain”, “Is this the way you want me”, “It’s not too late” and “New Beginning”. “Take a Look At Me Now” and “Is This The Way You Want Me” are currently 4th and 5th in the public vote.


Who will win in Lithuania? Well all the songs are on-line for you to listen to and vote on – click HERE. Remember It is one vote per IP address, so choose wisely.


Author/Website co-founder and Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : Eurovision Ireland

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