BELARUS : President Asked to Void the Eurovision 2014 National Final Results

Belarus Eurovision 2014 - Presidentail Involvement. Photo : YouTube

Belarus Eurovision 2014 – Presidentail Involvement. Photo : YouTube

Belarus – Last Friday Teo and his song “Cheesecake” won the Belarus National Final selection for Eurovision 2014. Today we learn that a petition and been created to reverse the decision and that the President of Belarus has been asked to intervene like what was done in 2012.

According to Eurovoix and the Belarus News Agency Onliner,  a letter has been sent to the President of Belarus by the runners-up Max Lorens and DiDyuLya asking for his involvement in having the vote of the National Final annulled. A portion of the letter has been released and reads as follows

“Members of the jury openly ignored the people’s opinion, who thought it was our duet worthy to represent Belarus at the European competition in Denmark. Opinion of thousands of people who voted just was not taken into account – 8 people have decided for the whole country. In addition, organizers of the selection were made the following gross violations: the jury worked unsettled (absent Chairperson); voting itself jury and treatment protocols were held after the announcement opinions of viewers, creating the possibility of “rigging” the selection results. The result of the contest was so, as if people did not vote at all.

In connection with the above, please: 
1) to harmonize the principles of national selection for a pan-European approach: when dialing the same number of points a few finalists priority shall be given an opinion viewer (not the jury), and to ensure equal conditions for voting both sides;

2) review the results of final qualifying round “Eurovision-2014″ and the right to represent the Republic of Belarus duo Max Lorens and DiDyuLya, viewers get from the highest number of votes (8746) with a significant advantage over the party, Theo (5088).”

There is an on-line petition (This seems to be popular this Eurovision) that you can read HERE , asking for the National Final result overturned. So far the petition has 2,500 signatures. Max Lawrence and Didula have said that they will host a concert in Belarus called “For Fair Voting” in order to highlight their cause.

Is this the beginning of a change in the Belarus Entry for yet another Eurovision?

Who would you like to see at Eurovision for Belarus in 2014? Take the Poll


Author/Website co-founder and Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : Eurovoix and

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  1. Ah, it wouldn’t be a proper selection season without a spot of controversy from Belarus. While I like the frivolity of Cheesecake, I do feel that Max Lorens & Didyulya is something of a departure from the usual Belarussian fodder and could be a good choice.

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