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IRELAND : Eurosong 2014 Update for Eurovision 2014

RTE - Eurosong 2014 Update . Photo : RTE

RTE – Eurosong 2014 Update . Photo : RTE

Ireland will again use the Mentor system to select their song for Eurovision 2014. The 5 mentors have submitted their Act and Song to RTE (Irish National Broadcaster) last Friday January 3rd. They now must submit to RTE (Irish National Broadcaster) the final recorded version of their songs by February 3rd.

The 5 Mentors for Eurovision 2014 Are

  • Hazel Kaneswaran
  • Billy McGuinness
  • Cormac Battle
  • Valerie Roe
  • Mark Murphy

You can read profiles on the mentors HERE

Details of the acts will be released shortly and there will be some interesting names! Stay tuned for more details.

This will be the 4th year that Ireland will have used the Mentor System and the Late Late Show to select their song for Eurovision. The 3 previous years have seen Ireland qualify for the Grad Final at Eurovision with Jedward’s 2011 entry “Lipstick” gaining the highest placing of 8th.

Author/Website co-founder and Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : Eurovision Ireland

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  1. The Eurosong 2014 entries will receive their first airing on the Mooney show on Thursday, February 6 and songs and performers won’t be announced until earlier that week 🙂

  2. ok but why do we have to wait that long to know the contestants since the choice has been made so much time ago? was there any issue?

  3. Any rumor’s yet about the singers and songs, i would have thought with the deadline for songs gone we would have heard something by now

  4. Booo! Sorry RTE but this is a tried and failed format. Okay we made the finals but poor placings does not mean this is a success. The Late Late Show is no place for the Eurosng selection. It’s wrong on every level. A host with no interest. An appalling studio for performing in for the entrants. Guests with a complete lack of opinion. The only people this works for is RTE which is a shame. High viewing figures because it’s the Late late Show, High advertising costs. Money to be made by texts. I hate everything about this format and it is ridiculed around Europe how this once successful nation has flopped so badly! Linda Martin was completely right with her recent article. Am sorry to be negative but it is very frustrating that countries like Sweden, Norway and Denmark can invest in their formats and even Germany invested in its format and have reaped the rewards. RTE needs a kick up the backside. Shame on them. Oh well, we can but hope for something decent that will be worked on and look good come May. Fingers crossed,

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