Eurovision 2014

Ukraine National Final for Eurovision 2014 : Live Rolling Blog from 10:30 GMT – Just Refresh The Page

Ukraine National Eurovision Final 2014 - Live Rolling Blog. Photo : Fanpop

Ukraine National Eurovision Final 2014 – Live Rolling Blog. Photo : Fanpop

The First National Final for Eurovision 2014 live from Kyiv, Ukraine. Garrett here and I will be blogging from a very cold Dublin. Just refresh the post to get the up to date news on the performances. The show starts at 10:30am GMT. You can look on-line here too using the following links and make sure to give us your views on the songs too. Always good to hear what you think of the songs too!

You can watch the show live.

20 Acts will compete in the National Final that is set to last 2 hours and 15 minutes so grab a mince-pie or two, your favourite tipple, put Christmas on hold and follow it along with us.

Duet Anna-Maria with their song 5 Star Hotel. A ballad that is challenging this time in the morning but in an evening show it could do well. Costumes had hand prints all over it that looked like a forensic scene. A good opener though. They are the Ukrainian Twins

Roman Polonsky – WANTED DEAD or ALIVE This is modern and hip/hop rock. It will be Marmite and will either delight or disturb you. Too early in the running to maybe have an impact on the voting. Pitbull for the Ukraine with less emphasis on the bull

ULI RUD – Tsvetok A brooding modern pop song. It reminds me of Yazoo meets Depeche Mode. I like this one and could see a big stage performance for this on a Eurovision Stage

Marietta – It’s My Life  What a chirpy folk number. This gets the toes tapping for sure. One to watch

Green Room Break

Stas Shurins – “Why”. A ballad this time around. Not the strongest vocals as they were slightly harsh at times.

Anatoly Shparev – ”Waiting For You” A funky dance song that has a Love is Blind feel to it. I like this one

Natalia Valevska – Love makes you beautiful This comes to us via Sweden and if you like your schlager then you will like this song. Instantly catchy and easy to identify with. What do you think?

Lissa Wassabi- ”No Fear” This is Ukraine’s answer to Bjork. Personally I like the left field song but cannot it see it having a wide enough appeal for the general audience.

Green Room Break Vladimir Tkachenko – Be where you are This guy has to be given his own shampoo commercial. What a well-groomed mop of hair on him. A middle of the road pop/rock song that I would normally expect from somewhere like Denmark. His voice is strong throughout and has that rasp in it! Great applause from the audience. One to watch


Shanis- ”Moya dusha” A sultry ballad. If you like something that is a cross between a Barry White “let me get you in the mood song” mixed with some Maxwell sweet electric guitar that gets you in that amorous feeling, then this is for you. Shanis looks stunning in a long ball gown. RnB I like but hard to see the public being able to pick up the telephone as they will be sweating after that performance

Viktoria Petryk- ”Love Is Lord” Fans have been talking about this song for some time though I find it somewhat generic for my liking. Viktoria looks so young that you think she should be in JESC. However on a Eurovision stage I could see this getting the full bells and whistles treatment. Strong finish to the song that may stick in people’s minds

Evgeny Litvinkovich – “Strelyanaya ptitsa” Pleasant enough song that neither excites or offends me. He seems to be almost singing behind the backing track. He certainly is giving it his all though at times it seems that he is on pain.

“NeAngely” – Courageous The song to beat. Deep thundering voices that blast through the screen at you. Electro-Pop classic in the making. If the ESC juries are asked to pick a song that could be a hit in the charts then this is your one. Best song so far for me.

Illariya – I’m alive  You could not get more opposing songs side by side. This is a ballad that has that Julie Cruz – remember her, the theme song from Twin Peaks – moody and strange yet at the same time appealing. Change in keys that are. She reminds me of Kati Wolf too. I rather enjoyed this one.

Tanya Shyrko – Let Go Now this is one to watch. Looking stunning and singing a powerful mid tempo ballad. Think Mika Newton but more appealing. Good mix of orchestral and drum and bass elements makes this a song that NTU could put on a dramatic show with in Copenhagen.

Tanya Burke – Believe me This is a non offensive ballad. Think Taylor Swift was in your living room. I wanted to get the marshmallows out over the open fire. This could surprise people. I can see the flags in the B&W Halls swaying from side to side (and blocking the camera angles). Oh I am really surprised at how much I liked this song.

Maria Yaremchuk – Tick-Tock I think Ukraine’s answer to Katy Perry. Just looking at other sites and they don’t rate this one. I can see potential in this song. I like the changes in pace and vocal range. It is a song that you will remember and has a rousing bridge to the chorus that sets the song up well. I would have this as a contender and could see giant clocks on the stage in Copenhagen – The Final Countdown. Me Likey


Victor Romanchenko – At the edge of the abyss Ok this was moody and painful. Victor had borrowed Aloysha’s hooded Matrix coat from ESC 2010. I think Vistor went a step too far and went from the “edge of the abyss” and dived straight into it. Not in contention I fear

Anna Khodorovska – If there is love  A pleasant ballad sung by the stunning Anna. However one was totally concentrating on Anna’s lace dress that when lit from behind was completely transparent. As the song finished I really couldn’t remember the song. Will get lost in the pack one fears.  

Dennis Lyubimov – Love In the preview videos this song did nothing for me yet on the live stage this has come alive. This is like Brink from Denmark 2009 but a hundred times better. A handsome young man who performed with a band and he used the camera well. His vocals were spot on. Liked this a lot. Songs over and now the public and jury deliberate We are in the Green Room talking to the last 5 performers. Now a recap of the songs to come.

WHO IS YOUR WINNER? Interval Act  Sofia Tarasova who represented Ukraine at JESC this year with her song “We Are One”. You know that this song puts a lot of the adults in the National Final to shame. For one so young she certainly knows how to sell a song. I wonder if you can place a bet on her representing Ukraine at Eurovision in a few years time.

Another interval act. This time Maca Cobka performing an ethic/pop song – again I would have liked to have seen in this national final.

Look who is back – Mika Newton – the 2011 representative for Ukraine. Could her waist be more tiny yet she still has this huge voice! Timor has told us that Mika jetted in from LA where she is now working – especially for the show. Now a recap of the songs again for the public to vote in

The final Interval guest Kamalia – with a dress that is sharp and looks like it could take your eye out with!

Oh no – one more guest. Matica with the song “Myself”. He keeps taking chalk dust out of his pockets and bursting clouds of smoke. Interesting but who is going to clean the stage up?

Ok that is now pretty cool. He has made the Ukraine flag out of the blue and yellow chalk dust – Clever

Time for one more guest – Zlata wearing a white paneled PVC dress with the skirt removed on one side – more architecture than fashion. Not singing “Gravity” but a new ballad sung in Ukrainian that turns into a dance song mid way and then back to the ballad again.


The winner is Maria Yaremchuk – Tick-Tock

Here is a link to the overall jury and public vote. Maria received top votes from both the Jury and Public Vote


Yaremchuk – Tick-Tock with 24 points thus winning both the public and jury vote

Author/Website co-founder and Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : Eurovision Ireland

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