Eurovision 2014

IRELAND’s First Eurovision Female Singer – Muriel Day – Returns

Muriel Day - Ireland's first Female artist at Eurovision. Photograph - Youtube

Muriel Day – Ireland’s first Female artist at Eurovision. Photograph – YouTube

Ireland’s first ever female singer to represent the country at the Eurovision Song Contest (back in 1969) has returned to the Music scene. Muriel Day represented Ireland at the Madrid contest with the wonderful “Wages of Love”. Furthermore Muriel was the first Northern Irish Artist to represent Ireland at Eurovision.

Muriel comes from Newtownards, County Down and is now set to embark of a tour of Ireland in 2014, that will see her perform in every county in the country. In advance of her tour, she is releasing the song  “Just My Way of Saying I Love You”, which will be the title song from her new album. This is a Country Music album, written by Mary O’Brien, who has written hits for country singers like Mick Flavin, Daniel O’Donnell, Louise Morrissey and Philomena Begley to name but a few. You can listen to and download the song HERE

Muriel will be appearing on the BBC, UTV Magazine show, The Late Late show and Nationwide RTE – so you will no doubt be seeing a lot of her in 2014. You can find out more about Ireland’s first female singer at Eurovision on her official Facebook page.

Author/Website co-founder and Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : Eurovision Ireland

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  1. Thank you for being so my moment of madness and sorry once again. Looking forward to the hug, ahem! 😉 xxx

  2. Seriously? Is this the best news we can offer the world? For goodness sake have you even bothered to read the other sites and how vitriolic they are about us, the nation that has won Eurovision 7 times? Am embarrassed. Had she done something maybe a decade or two ago, I’d be interested but really, who really gives a toss about this non entity? Certainly not me. Sorry Garreth, but this is utter rubbish.So disappointed by this non story. Reeks of desperation and so, so sad.

    • Disagree with you Martin

      We always support any Irish or Foreign Act with their endeavors/career. We have even written about NF entrants from all over Europe and share their post ESC work. Negativity is not our style. We don’t follow other sites and our 1 million plus readers tune in for the Global news.

      Ireland’s first ever female representative at the contest is certainly something to write about. Worth celebrating – especially as she wants to perform at the Irish Eurobash concerts next year.

      Not like you to be this negative Martin. Why so Blue? Do you need a Hug

      • Sorry Garret. I was out of order. Bold Martin!!! I actually do like Muriel and appreciate her entry in the Eurovision history vaults. I wish her all the best. Just having a really bad time atm so yes, I probably could really do with a hug. I shouldn’t have been so rancid Once again I apologise profusely. Feeling rather foolish. Hugs and love to all at EurovisionIreland. xxx

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