Take a Virtual Tour of “Euro Club 2014” – Vega

Euro Club 2014 - VEGA. Photo : VEGA.DK

Euro Club 2014 – VEGA. Photo : VEGA.DK and Jesper Edvardsen

Euro Club 2014 details have been released.

One of Copenhagen’s premier venues “Vega” will be the site of “Euro Club” for Eurovision 2014.

“Euro Club” is the venue where Artists, Delegations, Journalists and Accredited People get to meet and let their hair down.

Take a Virtual Tour of the Venue by clicking HERE To go one floor up, select floor numbers in the small vertical menu below the navigation wheel. 0 is the lobby, floor one is Store VEGA and 2 balcony etc

“The VEGA Concept”

“VEGA is a regional venue, owned and controlled by a commercial fund “Koncertvirksomhedens Fund”, which was created for the sole purpose of hosting concerts”. VEGA has no shareholders or commercial owners and profits that are made by the venue are reinvested back into the facilities and booking of further concerts. The venue is partly funded through government grants.


VEGA has a central Copenhagen location. It is a fifteen minute walk from Copenhagen Central Station and 10 minutes’ walk from Enghave S-train station.
This is a vast central location with numerous bars and halls. There are the following contained within the venue
  • “Lille/Small Vega” – Dance Hall (Capacity 500 People)
  • “Lille Vega” – Bar
  • “Stor/Large Vega” – Congress Hall (Capacity 1,500 people)
  • “Ideal Bar” (Capacity 275 People)
  • “Vega Lounge” (Capacity 330 People)

The venue was built-in 1956 and renovated in 1996. Performers like Kylie Minogue, David Bowie and Prince have all played there.

For more details on the venue you can visit their Official Website HERE


Author/Website co-founder and Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

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