Eurovision 2014

Mikhail Nekrasov Is Set To Become The New Eurovision Avicii

Avicii. Photograph

Avicii. Photograph

Mikhail Nekrasov is set to become the new Eurovision Avicii. If you do not know who Mikhail Nekrasov is, shame on you. He is the master composer from Ukraine. He is the man who has written the Eurovision winning song “Wild Dances” for Ruslana, Tina Karol’s “Show Me Your Love” and Zlata’s “Gravity”.

Mikhail Nekrasov. Photograph courtesy of Wikipedia

Mikhail Nekrasov. Photograph courtesy of Wikipedia

Now he is set to take on the role of Avicii at the Junior Eurovision Song Contest next week. Nekrasov has been tasked with composing the music for #JESC. However his involvement in the show came earlier in the year as he has composed Ukraine’s entry for this year –  “We Are One” sung by Sofiya Tarasova.

Nekrasov has composed the 7 minute interval act that hosts Zlata and Timor will perform. Along with a 70 piece orchestra he has composed, conducted and produced the music for the #JESC. In keeping with the official slogan for the contest “Be Creative” – he has used both normal orchestral instruments plus traditional ones from places like Australia and Kazakhstan.

#JESC is shaping up to be the strongest in the contest’s history with #Eurovision and #JESC meeting with performances from Zlata, Ruslana and Emmelie De Forest. Also worth noting that today Malta announced their 70 shortlisted songs for their Eurovision National selection and one of those selected is Malta’s 2006 #JESC contestant Sophie Debattista – which shows that both contests are intrinsically linked. 

Will you be tuning into #JESC?

Author Website co-founder and Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : Esc Plus and Eurovision Ireland

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