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Eurovision 2014 Video Footage of “Eurovision Island” – #JoinUs

B&W Hallerne - That will host Eurovision 2014. Picture courtesy of DR

B&W Hallerne – That will host Eurovision 2014. Picture courtesy of DR

Danish and Eurovision 2014 Broadcasters DR, have been busy putting together their Production Team that will help create “Europe’s Favourite Television Show”. We have heard of their ideas to create an island stage in the middle of the huge B&W Hallerne warehouses. Well we have a video bringing you on a 5 minute tour of Refshaleøen.

There have been many shorter videos of Refshaleøen but we found this one that shows you how vast the Eurovision Halls will be and more importantly how much work is in store for DR to completely overhaul “Eurovision Island” and create the vision of a playground for old and young alike.

Not only will they have to battle the magnitude of the work ahead of them, but also brave the elements too. As you can see Refshaleøen will bear the brunt of a severe Northern European Winter. Baku faced very similar challenges when they were creating the Crystal Hall for Eurovision 2012. How will Denmark fare in their race to create “Eurovision Island” and will they stay within budget? All very exciting!

We will keep you up to date on the progress over the coming months.

Author/Website co-founder and Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

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