Eurovision Finals 2013

HUNGARY : ByeAlex Returns With Another Amazing Song

ByeAlex New Video. Photograph courtesy of ByeAlex Facebook

ByeAlex New Video. Photograph courtesy of ByeAlex Facebook

Hungary returned to the Top 10 at Eurovision 2013 with the help of ByeAlex. Since then they have been one of the hardest working Eurovision Bands of 2013.

They have recorded several new tracks and here now is the video to their new song “Csóró itt minden hang” or “Broke In Every Note”. It is another catchy song in the style of “Kedvesem”. It has a hook of guitars and humming which once listened to, is stuck in your head. Simple but highly effective. ByeAlex have crafted a very distinctive sound for themselves and is a testament to their skills as song writers and musicians.



The video is a modern twist of “The Pied Piper” story, where one by one people follow him through the streets but not to their disappearance, but to a place of sanctuary.

We loved ByeAlex at Eurovision, We loved “Nekemte” and we love “Csóró itt minden hang”. He certainly has reason to celebrate his YouTube success in Hungary

All we ask is – “When are you touring Europe?”

Author/Website co-founder and Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : Eurovision Ireland and ByeAlex Facebook

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