Eurovision Finals 2013

Ballet is the New Eurovision Black

Eurovision and Ballet. Anouk's "Birds". Photograph courtesy of YouTube

Eurovision and Ballet. Anouk’s “Birds”. Photograph courtesy of YouTube

“Ballet is the new Eurovision Black”. What is it about Eurovision and Ballet dancers? Two of this year’s big Eurovision winners seemed to have escaped us with their homage to Ballet in their hidden preview videos.

Anouk from the Netherlands and ByeAlex from Hungary have recently posted 2 amazing videos that have been overlooked in the run up to Eurovision 2013.

First up is Anouk. She posted this video from May of this year, as an apology for the recent concert that she had to cancel due to ill-health. This song is “Black Swan – the short movie”. Anouk plays the role of the harsh ballet teacher and the video tells the story of the fallen prima ballerina. Amazing cinematography and production gives “Birds” and even more sinister feel to it. If the song “Birds” gave you the score to Anouk’s new album “”Sad Singalong Songs”, then the video gives you the visual effects. See for yourself. Stunning.

ByeAlex beat Anouk to the “Ballet Punch” with his early video for “Kedvesem”. However he took the softer approach to his ballet inspired video. The song itself is stripped back to being almost purely acoustic with some minor orchestral inclusions. A lone ballerina showing the solitary life of a dancer trying to perfect her craft. Simple as it is elegant both with arrangement and camera work.

Ballet dancers have played a role in many a Eurovision performance. Two recent performances come to mind – Daniel Diges “Algo Pequeñito” for Spain in 2010 and Dima Bilan for Russia in 2006 – “Never Let You Go”. If true what we are led to believe, we could see more ballet dancers at Eurovision 2014 if the Russian Army Aleksandrov Ensemble Choir are successful in their bid to represent Russia – see here

What is it about Eurovision and Ballet that fit so well together?

Author/Website co-founder and Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : Eurovision Ireland

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