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Russian Army Choir Aims for Eurovision 2014 Entry

Russian Army Choir aim for Eurovision Entry in 2014. Photograph courtesy of

Russian Army Choir aim for Eurovision Entry in 2014. Photograph courtesy of

The official choir of the Russian Army has confirmed that they are aiming to enter the 2014 Eurovision song contest in Copenhagen.

Speaking to journalists in Moscow – “We have the lyrics already, now we need to find a composer,” said Leonid Malev of the Alexandrov Russian Army Academic Song and Dance Ensemble. He added “The lyrics will hopefully catch the attention of Russian and European citizens,”

The Russian Army Choir performed at the 2009 Eurovision song contest in Moscow as part of the Interval Act in the shows. They are celebrating their 85th anniversary this year and what a way to celebrate it by taking six of their finest singers to Eurovision?

Over a month ago we reported how 7 of their singers gave an amazing rendition of Adele’s Oscar Winning “Skyfall”

Remember however that Eurovision does not allow uniforms or an organisation name to be attached to an act in the contest – look at the problems Switzerland had with just The Salvation Army.

This year Dina Garipova asked us all at Eurovision “What if we buried our guns” and now The Russian Army Choir might be singing for them back!

Author/Website co-founder and Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : RIA Novosti

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