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FRANCE has spoken for Eurovision 2014

Shy'm. Photograph courtesy of

Shy’m. Photograph courtesy of

France has had their say for Eurovision 2014. “Internal selections are not the way forward”. These are just some of the comments from some 500 French Eurovision fans who have had their official say on how their Eurovision entry has been selected and the artists in question.

After another disappointing Eurovision result this year at the contest, the French Website decided to speak to the people who have the ideas on how to get France back to their winning ways at Eurovision – The Fans. In a questionnaire the French fans were asked 10 questions, the results are now available and will be presented to France Télévisions – their National Broadcaster.

You can view the full questionnaire and the complete breakdown of the results with suggestions made by the fans here

We wanted to pick a few of the highlights from the survey results and see what you – the International Eurovision fan – thinks?

  • What Selection process would you like to see in France? The largest response was a multi broadcasted showcase similar to that of Sweden’s Melodifestivalen. 56% of those surveyed picked this selection process. This is in stark contrast to the current selection process where France3 selects the artist and song internally – which scored a very poorly 10% preference rate with the fans.
  • Who do you think should be involved in the French Selection? A whopping 63% of people felt that the French Eurovision Fans are best placed to select their potential candidates. Not as strange as it sounds. They are close to the contest all year around and know what works and what is currently missing from Eurovision. Also interesting is that 53% of people would like to see “Non French” professionals involved in their selection process. Again very similar to how Melodifestivalen uses International juries in their selection process.
  • How should you find songs for the French National Selection? In a surprising result the French fans decided that it would be best to look for the best International Composers to write a potential French entry. 54% of fans felt this was the best route to take. With no French victory for 36 years now, they feel it is time to look outside the borders of “La Belle France”.
  • Choice of artist to represent France? Overwhelmingly the fans wanted to see a French artist represent the country at Eurovision. 61% of people felt this was the best practice. However it is interesting to note that they wanted a current/popular French artist for the role. The French public are apparently cynical of their artist selection and feel that they need to have an artist who is currently successful in the French charts – “a relevant artist”.
  • What genre of song could win Eurovision for France? It seems that France loves their ballads and 73% of those asked rated a modern ballad as the best song to represent France. Second favorite was electronic dance music. French Ballads are legendary in the contest – is it time to have one back by a modern young artist?
  • Given the choice, what artist would French fans like to see represent the country at Eurovision? 3 artists were far ahead of the competition and they were Shy’m (28%), Emmanuel Moire (24%) and M Pokora (18%). To add to this the fans cited the song “Et alors” or “So” by Shy’m as a song that would bring France success at Eurovision. Surprisingly this is an electronic dance song and not a ballad – but we will overlook this. What do you think?

Bravo to the French Fans for working over the summer to look at their strategy for Eurovision 2014? Will France Télévisions/France 3 take note of the suggestions brought forward? Time will tell if France will listen.

Author/Website co-founder and Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : and Eurovision Ireland

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