Eurovision Finals 2013

Eurovision “Home Video” time again

Andrius Pojavis - "Play Your Game". Photograph courtesy of Andrius Pojavis Facebook

Andrius Pojavis – “Play Your Game”. Photograph courtesy of Andrius Pojavis Facebook

Eurovision “home videos” are becoming the staple diet of one Eurovision artist from 2013. If I said that he had the most expressive eyebrows at this year’s contest – would you guess who we are referring to?

Yes Lithuania’s Andris Pojavis is back for more home video capers with his new song “Play Your Game”. Andrius has an awkward charm about him. It is almost like he is the reluctant Eurovision singer that was plucked from the streets to perform in front of millions.

“Play Your Game” is an utterly charming mid tempo pop/country song with an equally quirky little home-made video by Andrius and his director Isabellita. The video sees Andrius cycling (badly) through the Lithuanian countryside on a wet and windy day – it could be an Irish Summer. Like all good boy scouts, his talents include the ability to make fire. It is all so simple and endearing just like he was in Malmo.

Now it is obvious that Andrius and his director Isabellita have a strong love of the simple, funny and at times heart breaking home video – as it was Isabellita who directed the kooky video for “Something” that came after Eurovision itself. If you didn’t see it then you are in for another Andrius golden moment.

“Play For You” is now available to buy on iTunes and you can see Andrius in concert for the next 2 months around Lithuania. Full details are available on his website here

He consistently is the underdog that you are rooting for to do well. With such a strong Lithuanian population in Ireland, we would happily welcome Andrius to Dublin!

“Play Your Game” is our recommendation of the week for new music.

Author/Website co-founder and Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : Eurovision Ireland

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