Eurovision Finals 2012

NORWAY : Listen to Tooji’s new song “Rebels”

Tooji releases "Rebels". Photograph courtesy of Tooji Facebook

Tooji releases “Rebels”. Photograph courtesy of Tooji Facebook

Norway’s 2012 Eurovision Representative Tooji, has just shared his new song “Rebels” on soundcloud. So what can you expect?

“Rebels” is a heavily based electro/dance song. From the thundering opening to the song, you know that this is very different to “Stay”. This is a song about the “Underdogs” and the “Rebels on the run”. The verses are not just your normal dance track. They have a lyrical content to them that shows a definite growth in Tooji’s music.

The chorus is mainly instrumental with the one line “Rebels on the Run”. Not your conventional chorus, but it works. From the photographs of Tooji on his official Facebook page, he has certainly evolved his image from your handsome pop singer to a far more intriguing and somewhat darker persona that makes for much more interesting viewing and listening.

The best way for me to describe “Rebels” is to say that if Hollywood was to remake a “Mad Max” movie, then this would be the perfect modern post apocalyptic sound track.

I for one is very pleasantly surprised and happy with Tooji’s new sound. Tooji says it best himself on his social media “First of many, in a dark landscape –  Tooji opens his heart & welcomes us in”.

Tune in tomorrow when Tooji will release the video to accompany “Rebels”.

Bravo / Bra Gjort Tooji

Author/Website co-founder and Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : Tooji Facebook/Soundcloud and Eurovision Ireland

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