Eurovision Finals 2013

Ireland : RYAN DOLAN’s Music Goes To America

A Cappella Project - Philadelphia performing "Only Love Survives" from Ryan Dolan. Photograph courtesy of Facebook

A Cappella Project – Philadelphia performing “Only Love Survives” from Ryan Dolan. Photograph courtesy of Facebook

Ryan Dolan – Ireland’s Eurovision Hero from 2013 – has just posted the most amazing video that shows that his music has crossed the Atlantic and is now being picked up in America.

“The A Cappella Project – Philadelphia” is a registered charitable organization dedicated to the education and promotion of a cappella music in the Philadelphia area. Performers in the Project groups are composed of collegiate students and post-collegiate adults/hobbyists from all walks of life who love contemporary a cappella singing.

Ryan was so impressed by the video that he posted it himself saying “Mad to see people on the other side of the world doing this with my song!! :D”. It truly shoes that Eurovision is not just confined to Europe and has a far wider reaching audience – and with positive effects.

We are feeling rather chipper after seeing this video. Just what you need to get you over the hump of Tuesday! Especially for our American readers – and there are thousands of you – you can find out more about “The A Cappella Project – Philadelphia” here at their website and on Facebook page here

Great work – both on and off the stage – from Project Philly. If you guys cover any further Eurovision songs, then let us know! Bravo

Author/Website co-founder and Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source – Project Philly/Facebook and Eurovision Ireland


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  1. Project-Philly CEO here. I try to arrange at least one Eurovision song every year. (started with Yohanna in 2009) I was very proud to feature Only Love Survives this year, and looking forward to seeing what 2014 will bring! Thank you so much for posting and glad you enjoyed it!

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