DENMARK 2014 Host City – Heart Vs Head Poll

Where will Eurovision 2014 be held? Photograph courtesy of Tumblr

Where will Eurovision 2014 be held? Photograph courtesy of Tumblr

Danish broadcaster DR are expected to decide shortly the host city and venue for Eurovision 2014. 3 cities and 4 venues are in contention but where will Danish tv decide to hold the contest?

Just like songs at Eurovision – You will have the songs that you like and then the songs that you think will win. A lot of the time they don’t match. We therefore thought that we would ask you 2 simple questions.

  1. What City would you like to see Host Eurovision 2014?
  2. What City do you think Danish Broadcaster DR will select to host Eurovision 2014?

Will be interesting to see if your head and heart match in the choice of Eurovision 2014 host City?

The 3 cities in contention are Copenhagen, Horsens and Herning. You can look at the details of the 3 cities on our previous article here

So get voting and see if there is an appetite to move away from the Danish Capital where Denmark have hosted the contest before.

POLL 1 : What city would you the Fan, like to see host Eurovision 2014?


POLL 2 : What city do you think Danish TV will select to host Eurovision 2014?




Author/Website co-founder and Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source – Eurovision Ireland

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  1. Ahh…I can see why they’d go for Herning, but it’s in the middle of the country and there’s not the infrastructure in place to make it viable…Copenhagen however would be a sort of payback to Malmo, as they benefited a lot from Sweden hosting ESC there this year…selfishly I’d love it to be in Copenhagen as I’ve already made my accommodation arrangements!

  2. I think if DR had wanted a Copenhagen venue to win they would have already ruled out Horsens and Herning somehow (lack of accommodation, problem with the venue etc.) The problem that there is no Arena in Copenhagen until 2016 will probably sink the Capital’s bid…

    I am convinced that they want the Boxen Arena at Herning as it IS the best Arena in Denmark at the moment – they have even moved the dates from those specified originally as the ESC will now not clash with Andre Rieu there!

    Having been to Copenhagen twice, I would love the ESC to be there but from what I have seen, Boxen will look amazing on TV. They will work out the logistics of where to put everyone later – there will be a mad scramble for hotels as soon as the final decision is made…

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