Eurovision and Schlager – Summer 2013 Music Festival Guide

Danny Saucedo and Eric Saade - will take to the stage at Eurovision/Music festivals this Summer. Photograph courtesy of tumblr

Danny Saucedo and Eric Saade – will take to the stage at Eurovision/Music festivals this Summer. Photograph courtesy of tumblr

Eurovision in Malmo may have come and passed but that is only the start of the Eurovision/Scandipop Music Festival and Live TV broadcasts across Scandinavia. You can feel the love in the air for Eurovision like an Eric and Danny embrace. Weekly Schlager festivals and TV specials will have even the hardest protesters tapping their feet and singing along in their “Musical Closet afraid to come out”. Trust me it is lovely out here bathing in the warmth of Carola, Danny and Eric to name but a few.

So what is a “Schlager/Eurovision Fanatic” to do? Where should you go?

Well we have this useful guide to all your Euro/Schlager must see dates.

Allsång På Skansen

Brought to you courtesy of SVT you can follow the show live in TV or at the concerts. Full details are on the SVT website at

Here are the list of artists that you can follow and “Sing Along To” – As the festival is called. Some notable names are Sweden’s Eurovision entrant this year Robin Stjernberg and the people’s choice at Melodifestivalen YOHIO. Also there will be the amazing Lill Lindfords who is an accomplished singer but also the Swedish Eurovision host from 1985.

Program 1 (June 25): Gyllene Tider, Zara Larsson, Passenger, Carola, Eric Ericsons Kammarkör.
Program 2: Oskar Linnros, Amanda Jenssen, Lisa Nilsson, YOHIO, Per Andersson, Kjerstin Dellert, Peter Jezewski.
Program 3: Håkan Hellström, Louise Hoffsten, Anton Ewald, Lill Lindfors, Skansens Ukuleleorkester.
Program 4: Miriam Bryant, Rikard Wolff, Danny Saucedo, Arvingarna.
Program 5: Stiftelsen, Magnus Uggla, B.U.S!, Robin Stjernberg, Rolandz, Brynof & Ljung, Nic Schröder.
Program 6: The Sounds, Kalle Moreaus, Sean Banan, Jonas Gardell, Lisa Miskovsky, Trio me´ Bumba.
Program 7: Petter, Petra Marklund, Sofia Jannok, Lill-Babs.
Program 8: Mando Diao, Kim Cesarion, Flying Bach, Edda Magnason.

Lotta På Liseberg

We already wrote an article on this wonderful festival in Sweden with full ticket details
17 June: Siw Malmkvist, Panetoz, Johnny Logan, Helena Paparizou.
24 June: Robin Stjernberg, Bonnie Tyler, Anna Sise, Tobias Persson.
1 July: Larz-Kristerz, Eric Gadd & Thomas Stenström, Maria Mena, Alcazar.
8 July: Jill Johnson & Rascal Flatts, Tommy Nilsson, Dogge Doggelito feat. Rigo, Jasmine Kara.
15 July: Claes Malmberg, Oscar Zia, Brolle.
22 July: David Lindgren, Style, Maia Hirasawa, Patrik Isaksson, Tomas Järvheden, Anton Ewald.
29 July: Markoolio & Tobbe Trollkarl, ensemblen från SPÖK med upphovsmannen Björn Skifs, samt Lena Philipsson och Sussie Eriksson.
5 August: Danny, Margaret Berger, Mary N’diaye.


Renowned and popular TV series of shows that highlight national and international talent. This year they boast Eurovision winner Loreen along with Eric Saade, Margaret Berger, Janet Leon, Sean Banan and a blast from the past (but a great one) The Brand New Heavies!
22 June: Jason Derulo, Darin, Uno Svenningsson, NONONO, Timoteij.
29 June: Eric Saade, Margaret Berger, Behrang Miri, Oscar Zia.
6 July: Robin Stjernberg, Zara Larsson, Looptroop Rockers.
13 July: Uppehåll
20 July: Anton Ewald, Ulrik Munther, Ansiktet, Hästpojken.
27 July: Loreen, Tommy Nilsson, Janet Leon, The Brand New Heavies.
3 August: Pia Sundhage, Danny Saucedo, Miriam Bryant.
10 August: Sean Banan, Belinda Carlisle, Norlie & KKV, State of Drama.
17 August: YOHIO, Jonas Gardell, The Fooo.
24 August: Markoolio & Tobbe Blom.
31 August: Pernilla Wahlgren & Björn Kjellman.

Allsang På Grensen (Norway)

Not to get outdone by their neighbours Norway will have their “Allsang” that will host Eurovision Winners Alexander Rybak , Carola and reigning champion Emmelie De Forest along with other acts like Robin Beck (American One Hit Wonder – you remember the Coca Cola song “First Time”
19 June:
Gjesteprogramleder: Sturla Berg-Johansen
Kurt Nilsen
Marion Ravn
Ask Embla
Besøk fra forestillingen “Annie”

26 June:
Gjesteprogramleder: Kristoffer Tømmerbakke (Erik og Kriss)
Erik og Kriss
Billy Ocean

3 July:
Gjesteprogramleder: John Brungot
Robin Stjernberg
Alexander Rybak
Bobby Kimball frå TOTO
Robin Beck

10 July:
Gjesteprogramleder: Christer Sandelin
Jamie Cullum
Marcus og Martinus
Petra Marklund
Anne Nørdsti

17 July:
Gjesteprogramleder: Tommy Nilsson
Eric Saade
Martin Halla
The Rembrandts
Besøk fra forestillingen «Pippi Langstrømpe»

24 July:
Gjesteprogramleder: Gaute Grøtta Grav
Sten & Stanley
Jenny Langlo
Trang Fødsel
Lisa Nilsson

31 July:
Gjesteprogramleder: Yosef (Madcon)
Anita Skorgan
Lene Nysrøm
Emmelie De Forest
Astrid Smeplass
Sean Banan

Now if anyone says that they don’t have their Eurovision/Scandipop survival guide for the Summer of 2013 – then there is no hope for you! Get a cheap flight for Sweden/Norway and then spend a fortune of a hotel and some food and drink and you should be fine. With a good mix of genre’s and levels of “Scandipopism” and Eurovision – there is something for everyone. 

Enjoy the Festival Season

Author/Website co-founder and Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source – SVT, Lotta På Liseberg, Sommarkrysset, Allsang På Grensen and Eurovision Ireland

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