Eurovision Finals 2013

UK : Bonnie Tyler on Vote Buying

Eurovision ireland with Bonnie Tyler - Eurovision representative for the UK 2013. Photograph Eurovision Ireland

Eurovision ireland with Bonnie Tyler – Eurovision representative for the UK 2013. Photograph Eurovision Ireland

In an interview with CNN France – UK Eurovision Contestant Bonnie Tyler has said on video ” “I heard the Russians complain: why you did not give ten points for which we paid? ” This is fuel to the fire over the Eurovision Scandal that just will not go away for Jon Ola Sand and the EBU. Click on the link below to see part of the video interview with Bonnie Tyler

Now whether this is Bonnie referring to the alleged “lost 10 points” for Russia from Azerbaijan (we are not sure) however it is important for the EBU to recognise that this is a general impression of mistrust that appears to be growing within the Public around the voting system this year. Regardless if it is accurate of not – these perceptions need to be addressed by the EBU to maintain the Eurovision Brand.

As we have already stated in previous articles that it needs to be 3 fold following this year’s contest in Sweden

  • The alleged video that was broadcast on Lithuanian media of tele vote buying attempts, must be investigated thoroughly (as Jon Ola Sand/EBU) said that it would be and the public kept fully informed on the issue. You only get one chance to resolve such an issue so they need to make sure it is done in a fully professional manner and any necessary action required to be taken must be swift and decisive.
  • Full Eurovision Breakdown of Votes – the EBU has merely added fuel to the fire by only providing the ranking percentages. There are far too many variables missing from the voting system results by not giving the break down of country votes. Again adding fuel to speculation.
  • Jury Members – Yes please keep the Juries but first make them bigger. 5 is far too small and not a proportionate sample size which leads itself to to easyily influenced ( the very thing they were reintroduced to stop). A minimum of 16 (as in the old days of pure jury voting) but we suggest 26 – to assist in the ranking of the songs in the final. Furthermore the EBU needs to guarantee that the Jury make up follows EBU guidelines of Age, Gender and Musical Background – all of which were allegedly not followed by the Italian Jury according to Wiwi Blogs. Again how can the public be asked to trust votes if the EBU does not monitor and reprimand countries that fail to comply.

This is a clear case of securing and building your brand loyalty and recognition. If Public perception is that there is something wrong or unfair then you need to fully address why they think that and build confidence in your brand.

(YouTube Video Courtesy of BBC)

We all love this contest – for whatever reasons – so I urge the EBU to make good on their promises and fully communicate with the European Public on how to make the contest fair and transparent in their minds. Eurovision Ireland is here to help – You have my number Mr Jon Ola Sand!

Author/Website co-founder and Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source – Le, and Eurovision Ireland

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  1. Whats the point of having more juries they will still vote for their neighbours regardless, i think the public vote should be 1 vote only, that way it might help to stop buying of votes,ive always been a Eurovision fan not any more after this farce the money Ireland spend every year could be better spent in helping Youth Centres and charities around the Country.

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