Eurovision Finals 2013

Krista Siegfrids “My lesbian kiss was a statement on Finland’s ban on Gay Marriage”

Krista Siegfrids - Finnish Eurovision Representative 2013. Photograph courtesy of the

Krista Siegfrids – Finnish Eurovision Representative 2013. Photograph courtesy of the

Many blogs have christened Eurovision 2013 of the “Gayest Celebration of the Contest EVER”. The most vocal advocate of this was Krista Siegrfids from Finland with her song “Marry Me” that made the Grand Final of the contest.

Unless you have been under a rock or in solitary confinement for the past month then you will know that there was a lot of talk of Krista’s performance of “Marry me” where she – as the Bride – finished her performance in front of 170 million viewers by kissing one of her Bridesmaids on stage.

Several broadcasters (according to complained about the performance – those being Greece and Turkey – citing that it broke several fundamental EBU rules around the Eurovision itself – that on banning “lyrics, speeches or gestures of a political or similar nature.” Yes “Marry Me, I’ll be your Queen Bee” is explosive – not! When did a kiss become a political gesture? Did people complain when Denmark’s Birthe Wilke & Gustav Winckler back in 1957 got stuck into a passionate embrace that lasted for 14 seconds – yes I counted them – during their Eurovision performance of “Skibet Skal Sejle I Nat”

(YouTube Video Courtesy of JoAo Velada)

“Homophobic people are angry with me for doing this,” said Siegfrids. Finland legislated for civil partnerships for same-sex couples in 2002 but the country’s government voted down marriage equality legislation last year.But Siegfrids says she can kiss whoever she wants and doesn’t think her song is political.“It’s about love and tolerance. But gay marriage is not allowed in Finland and that’s wrong. I wanted to make a statement about that,” she said.

During the rehearsals not an eyelid was batted by the gathered press or crew – even the floor manager joked after her performance saying “No tongues Krista”. Krista has continued the lesbian statement in the video for her new song “Amen” where she gestures at same-sex partnerships. Check it out

(YouTube Video Courtesy of Krista Siegfrids Vevo)

Not content with Krista upsetting the conservative elements of Europe – our Swedish hosts flaunted their same-sex marriage laws where the Eurovision Host/comedian Petra Mede  officiated an onstage kiss between two grooms during a comedy musical number that was a satire on Swedish Life and declared “You may now kiss the groom”

(YouTube Video Courtesy of Ollie Tube)

Is it time for Eurovision to embrace all parts of society that religiously tune in year after year – this year more than ever with 170 million viewers confirmed. Tell us what you made of the controversy or was it more a storm in a tea cup – a rather fabulous tea cup at that though!

Author/Website co-founder and Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source Eurovision Ireland and

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