Eurovision Finals 2013

Viewing Figures of Eurovision 2013 across Europe

Eurovision Viewing Figures increase for Eurovision 2013 - Photograph

Eurovision Viewing Figures increase for Eurovision 2013 – Photograph

So how were the viewing figures for Eurovision 2013 across the continent? Well we have pulled together some figures for you and put them into a spreadsheet.

Country SF 2013 2012 Difference
NL 1 3,721,000 2,119,000 1,602,000
UK 1 681,500 745,000 -63,500
Swe 1 1,958,000 1,539,000 419,000
Italy 1 647,000 150,345 496,655
Greece 1 739,000
Germany 1 250,000
Ukraine 1 3,979,000
Australia 1 377,000
Denmark 1 929,000
Sweden 2 1,250,000
Germany 2 440,000
Spain 2 492,000
NL 2 1,441,000
UK 2 491,000 484,000 7,000
Greece 2 1,421,000 1,654,000 -233,000
Austrailia 2 425,000
NL Final 4,859,000 1,060,000 3,799,000
Germany Final 8,210,000 8,290,000 -80,000
France Final 2,740,000 3,980,000 -1,240,000
Italy Final 1,878,000 1,410,000 468,000
UK Final 7,700,000 7,340,000 360,000
Spain Final 5,369,000 6,540,000 -1,171,000
Israel Final 125,000
Austria Final 350,000
Sweden Final 3,372,000 3,323,000 49,000
Greece Final 2,687,000 2,437,000 250,000
Ireland Final 799,700
Finland Final 1,128,000 558,000 570,000
Norway Final 1,500,000 1,100,000 400,000
Denmark Final 1,704,000 990,000 714,000
Hungary Final 1,113,000
Ukraine Final 0
Australia Final 595,000 531,000 64,000
Total 43,534,700
Total for comparison countries 41,147,000 37,028,000 4,119,000 11.12%



Here in Ireland an average of 799,700 people watched the Eurovision Grand Final on Saturday night. The reach was over 1.8 million people (1,826,000) where the peak minute was at 22:59 when Ryan Dolan was performing. The peak minute viewing figure was 1,079,700. In 2012 an average of 764,500 people watched the Eurovision final so that’s up 35,200 viewers on last year. The reach figure last year was 1,751,700. The peak minute last year was 1,011,900 at 22:40. This is an increase in Ireland which proves that the growing number of followers of the contest has continued to grow following Jedward’s non participation.

Head of Delegation Michael Kealy said, “We’re thrilled with the viewing figures. It’s clear to see that the viewing public really got behind Ryan. He performed superbly on the night and while the result was disappointing he can be proud of his performance and take comfort in the fact that the Irish public think it was undeserved to be placed last. Ryan is a star already and I have no doubt that he has a successful career ahead of him.”

Other countries that had a big increase in their viewing figures were The Netherlands – where Anouk ensured that her participation brought 1.7 million extra viewers in the Semi Final and then a massive 3.7 additional viewers on last year when she brought the country to the final.

Sweden were up half a million viewers in the semi final and then an additional 50 thousand in the grand final. One might have expected more in the final as they were the hosting country but still for viewing figures and share of the tv audience it was huge as always.

Interesting to note that of the Big 5 – Bonnie Tyler managed to bring in an extra 360,000 viewers to the final this year, and Marco Mengoni an extra 468,000 viewers in Italy. France and Italy were both down a whopping 1.2 million  viewers on last year. In Spain this is because of the clash of the Cope Del Rae football match at the same time but France should not have expected such a drop. Germany were almost on par with last year with 8.2 million viewers tuning in.

Finland Norway and Denmark good increases in their viewing figures by ensuring that they qualified for the final.

Overall with the countries that we have managed to secure the viewing figures for – there was an increase in 4.1 million viewers on last year which represents an 11.12% increase. Job well done

Author/Website co-founder and editor in chief Garrett Mulhall

Source – Eurovision Ireland and Digital Spy

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  1. Yes, Marco did bring a lot of viewers in Italy. He’s the most popular artist in Italy at the moment and he’s winner of San Remo too! I also saw many Italians commenting and tweeting about Eurovision this year. I guess many more believed in Bonnie from the UK because her song was slightly better than Engelbert’s.

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