Eurovision 2013 - Dress Rehearsals

Serbia – First Eurovision Dress Rehearsal

Moje 3 - Serbian Eurovision Representatives 2013. Photograph courtesy of

Moje 3 – Serbian Eurovision Representatives 2013. Photograph courtesy of

Moje 3 – The Serbian Eurovision Representatives for 2013 have just completed their first Eurovision rehearsal.

Sometimes you have to cruel to be kind and this will have to be the case with the review of “Ljubav je svuda”. Let’s start with the positives


Well with the 3 women coming from Serbian singing competitions you can be assured that they sang perfectly. They were note perfect and the vocals were crystal clear.


The backdrop for the song is a mixture of fuscia and purples for the song.


 This is where the Serbian falls down and I am really stuck for words. The costumes have been designed by a designer who has dressed Lady Gaga allegedly.  Unfortunately the costumes look like they have been made in a children’s arts and crafts class where the brief was to design something for both Candy Stripers and Clowns as they are all in bright clothes with cheaply made accessories like glittered hearts, fake pearl wraps and chains. It is a miss match where all the 3 girls look alike in costume – though if you remember back to the Serbian national final you know that the song is about an Angel and the Devil fighting over a young girl.

What we have now looks more like a bad drunken quarrel between 3 girls on a Saturday night with lots of bad amateur dramatics. The song now needs to be explained to the International audience whereas before we knew what the premise was clearly from the costumes.

Final Analysis

This needs to be addressed immediately or Serbia could find themselves not making the Grand Final despite having several of their neighbours in this semi final.

Can they turn this around in a short space of time? As this now stands Lithuania,Cyprus and Belgium seem more worthy and likely for the Grand Final

Author/Website co-founder and Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source Eurovision Ireland


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