Eurovision 2013

INTERVIEW : Eurovision Ireland Meet Montenegro’s “Who See and Nina Žižić “

"Who See" featuring Nina Zizic will Represent Montenegro at Eurovision 2013 with the song "Igranka"

“Who See” featuring Nina Zizic will Represent Montenegro at Eurovision 2013 with the song “Igranka”

Eurovision Ireland had the pleasure to meet the wonderful “Who See and Nina Žižić” who will be representing Montenegro at Eurovision 2013 with their song “Igranka”. One of this year’s more contemporary artists at this years competition, we are sure their live performance in Malmo will be as exciting as their video which has over 1 million YouTube views to date! They met with our friend Stephen Hardiman.

1. How did the collaboration of Who See & Nina Žižić along with the Serbian musician Wikluh Sky come about?

Sky was working with “Who See” even before on our two albums so it was obvious that we would make something together again. Beside that we a share big love of “beer and Spanish Poodles”.

2. What’s your interpretation of the song & how do you hope Europe will interpret it?

We wanted something that Montenegro hadn’t shown to Europe until now. “Igranka” is about hanging out with your friends, far away from stress, good energy, unity, which Eurovision is also about.

3. Hip Hop is relatively new in terms of the Eurovision stage – do you think the traditional Eurovision Audience & voter will embrace it?

It depends on personal taste in music. Maybe the faithful Schlager fans don’t see hip hop as interesting but we are sure there are people who will. We heard Ireland loves our song and thank you for that! Beside, Eurovision is place of diversity, so why shouldn’t we show to Europe our different sound.

4. If there was an award for the best video at Eurovision – “Igranka” would certainly win it – tell me more about the concept of the video, the location of the shoot, production etc.

Thank you for the nice complement. We are really happy with how it all went at the end because conditions during filming were difficult. We had been in hangars of an old abandoned factory, in Zero degrees, where we needed to make the hot atmosphere of a party. Some girls have been in bikinis all day. We wanted an underground feel to the video that would show that people from Montenegro are always fun and open for good party no matter how dark it is around them.

(YouTube Video Courtesy of Eurovision)

5. Can you tell us your plans for the presentation of your entry in Malmo or is it a kept secret at the moment. Have you seen the stage design & do you think that with a large part of the audience standing around the stage, that this will help with the visual values of your entry more than other Country’s.

We will keep it as a secret and will show you very soon

6. You’ve released 2 albums with great success in the Adriatic region, is there plans for a 3rd with the hopes of broadening the “Who See” brand to the rest of Europe after Eurovision.

Yes, those two albums got great response from Adriatic audience.  We never stop with the music, so we will continue after Eurovision with our next album.

7. What was it like / your feelings, after receiving the MTV EMA nomination – the first band from your country to do so?

An Honour! “Reggeaton Montenegro” showed us in a style that we wanted to be seen in. We received a lot of support from Montenegro and also from our neighbouring countries and even further. The MTV award gave us confirmation that we are doing it right.

(YouTube Video Courtesy of WhoSeeKlapa)

8. Have you listened to your competition at Eurovision & if so what are your thoughts on the other entries this year.

We have heard some but when we arrive to Malmo we are sure to start loving some more artists as we will be listening to this year Eurovision songs all the time.

9. Do you believe you can win?

As Nostradamus said we should be top 3 countries in this year’s Eurovision. The problem is that we don’t believe in those predictions, lottery or English football superiority.

10. If you Win – how will Montenegro react & how will the country embrace Eurovision next year?

Montenegrin people love to celebrate everything, so first place in the Eurovision would be such a good reason for celebration. If that will happen, I think you would like Montenegro. We are similar to Irish people – we like to make jokes and we don’t stand authorities. And you would be welcomed with a huge party in our capital – Podgorica.

We want to thank “Who See and Nina Žižić” for taking the time out of their busy rehearsal schedule to talk to us here at Eurovision Ireland. Montenegro will be performing in Semi Final 1 on Tuesday May 14th with the song “Igranka”. They are currently one of the favorites in our on-line voting poll where they are in second place at present. You can still cast your vote for them here

Remember – we are all invited to one big party in Podgorica should Montenegro win Eurovision this year.

Author – Guest Writer Stephen Hardiman

Source – Eurovision Ireland


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