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Spainish Fans Call for Support from European Eurovision Fans Again

Spanish Fans want to join in fully at Eurovision 2013

Spanish Fans want to join in fully at Eurovision 2013

Spanish fans are calling for International European Eurovision Fans to help them in their battle to see the Eurovision Semi Finals on television. Not for the first time there has been calls from Spanish Eurovision fans for full coverage of Eurovision on Spanish Media. Remember 2009 saw their coverage of the Semi Final that they were voting in not being fully broadcast due to a tennis match that over ran and was covered as opposed to Eurovision.

This year sees another battle for Spanish Eurovision fans. Under the EBU regulations, TVE must broadcast the semi final in which Spanish viewers are voting in live on TVE. As for the other semi final there are no guidelines and from year to year the national broadcaster has taken the decision to sometimes not broadcast their non voting semi final on television but place it on their website. As we all know that looking at a live broadcast on-line is not as reliable as a Television broadcast. I think I lost count how many times I lost connection with A-Dal or Melodi Grand Prix this year.

It is no secret that all of the other entrants in the Eurovision Song Contest broadcast all 3 shows on their national channels. Even Bosnia Herzegovina this year – despite not being at the contest in Malmo – has confirmed that they will be broadcasting all 3 shows on their National Channel. So what is the issue with Spain – considering that they are one of the Big 5 – they are contributing the most funds for the contest – so why do they not consistently broadcast the 3 live shows?

TVE has said on several occasions that they have conflicting broadcasting obligations at that time of the year and that they will attempt to broadcast all 3 Eurovision Shows live on television. However they have in previous years given precedent to sporting events which apparently generate substantial revenue for the station. So the Spanish fans have created an analysis of the viewing figures for the National broadcaster which shows that when they broadcast the 3 live shows they also get a higher rating for the Grand Final. They also show the potential for the increased viewership of the Semi Finals that they are not voting in.

So what next?

Well the Spanish Fans have been diligent and have created several forums on face book and internet sites for you to lend your support to – links below

Facebook Support page

The above link includes a standard letter that the fans have created that you can send to the President of TVE highlighting the viewership figures for broadcasting of the 3 live Eurovision 2013 shows and asking that TVE continue it this year.

Spanish Eurovision fans have come to Eurovision Ireland asking if we could highlight their plight. They would like people to use the “letter to TVE” link above to support their cause to see the 3 Eurovision shows on television. How would you feel if you were not able to se the full Eurovision experience on your television?

(Source “Facebook Plataforma2semis”)

(Photograph courtesy of javierlunaro.blogspot and YouTube Videos courtesy of embedded owners)

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